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WeeklyScopes ~ April 12 to 18, 2010

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Hello friends and readers,

I had some technical problems posting on the site. As of Monday, April 12, horoscopes aren't live yet so, I pasted the text below.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Jan | astrogrrl :)

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WeeklyScopes ~ April 12 to 18, 2010

* Days and times reflect North America EDT

Saturn's (reality) frustration with Chiron (wounds) begins the week. Saturn has recently returned to the exacting sign of Virgo. Existing, unresolved or forgotten issues of old may resurface or be triggered early this week. The need to (over)analyze is great but the key is adjustment … Get it out of your head and commit to doing something that releases/lets go of it.

By mid-week, the New Moon in Aries offers up a renewal as the Moon's cycle begins again which is perfect timing to pick up from Saturn and Chiron's fading influence. As the weekend approaches, Venus (relationships) and Jupiter (happiness) are in harmony, along with the Sun (conscious will) and Neptune (dreams). Their friendly alliances benefit us all as Mercury (communication) stations and prepares for retrograde motion on Sunday EDT (Saturday for PDT).

As the weekend closes and the new week begins, be mindful of Mercury's change of pace and direction. Make allowances for delays and misunderstandings, especially in the days approaching the weekend. Hastiness results in mistakes that cause unnecessary distress for all parties involved. Mercury is retrograde from April 17/18 until May 11.

ARIES ~ Take advantage of the New Moon in your sign. Initiate something you've been sitting on for a while or re-ignite the excitement over something that's gone stale. This summer, Uranus enters your sign. You can achieve great things but you must first be sure of the direction you want to take. Beginning your preparation this week is a wise course of action. If actually taking action this week, opt to do it before the weekend begins.

TAURUS ~ Face up to your fears. Delve deep into your own psyche to get to the root of what blocks you from acting upon your true desires. See your true worth and the beauty that lies within the person that you are. In the process, realize that you fear most will not actually be the end of everything, but the end of something necessary. Forward movement may be slow going. No worries. Take your time. Stay within a comfortable pace. Take one sure step at a time.

GEMINI ~ Nearly every week I talk about the ending of something long-standing for you. This process continues this week. Be patient just a little while longer. Remember that this unpleasant situation did not develop overnight so, getting through it properly will also be a process. Something in the past still grips you or perhaps it's just that this has been such a part of your life that you are unsure how to extricate yourself from it. There is also a chance that there are still events beyond your control that have yet to occur, and you are in a “waiting” mode. Whichever it may be, remain patient and positive. Seek comfort or counsel with trusted friends for the New Moon shines upon your house of friendships.

CANCER ~ Where are you really want to go? What do you really want to do? Stripped of all your attachments and obligations, what does the self dream of? Consider that satisfying this creates the joy in your life that you've been missing. Further consider that your happiness and success extend to benefitting those who are significant in your life. Although this goal may not be something attainable within a week, taking one or two or three steps toward its achievement will bring you that much closer to what you seek. The New Moon in your future goals house encourages you to take a step in the right direction.

LEO ~ Releasing is healing. Letting go is freeing. Come to terms with that which causes you great pain or concern. Cutting emotional, mental or physical ties with another or within your involvement in a situation may be extreme but think of what holding on has done to you thus far. How do you make peace with this is another question. You might be willing to let go but the approach may elude you. Determine the “why” of what's motivated you to hold on for all this time -- happy memories, fear of loss, avoidance of seeing the truth, or whatever it may be. When you completely know the “why” or “whys”, then you are able to make the decisions or take the action you'll need to.

VIRGO ~ Time to grow up and grow out of this comfortable state of inaction. Your ability to adapt is sometimes a crutch that keeps your from grabbing the wheel and driving the vehicle of your life toward a planned and desired destination. Reacting has become the norm. It's now time to make choices, commit to those choices and begin to plan the steps you'll need to take. You are the master of your own destiny. Your success benefits you, as well as those you hold dear. So, no more reacting or holding back from action, your goals may still be changing/forming, but awareness that you want more is the first step.

LIBRA ~ Saturn left your sign last week. But from the time Saturn entered your sign last fall, he's been relentlessly showing you what your weaknesses are and how this reflects upon your ability to relate with others. You've been taking a whipping, especially those who are early-born Librans. This week, the New Moon illuminates your house of partnerships. Take what you've learned from Saturn about yourself and apply them as you interact with others, especially within your significant relationships. You may be a bit beaten and bruised by Saturn but you are stronger for it!

SCORPIO ~ Forgiveness is freeing -- to the heart as well as the soul. Forgiving, however, doesn't necessarily mean forgetting or becoming “blind” to the reality of situation/s. Sometimes, with forgiveness, something “dies” inside and what was can no longer be. That loss is painful but facing it and working through it make way toward a better place. As with any loss, however, remember to mourn it properly -- be it the loss of a significant relationship, of the self you no longer are, of financial security, or the status you once had, etc. Forgive another. Forgive the self. Forgive and find release. You are making room in your life for the present and the future.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Sometimes being between a rock and a hard place is just what's needed to push up and out of a rut or situation. Fight back. Fight for love or those you love. Push through creative blockages. Restore the enjoyment of simple pleasures in your life. Reconnect with your inner child and envision your situation from that point of view. Perhaps it's through a child's eyes that you'll “see” what you need to see to get out of the space you find yourself in now. Breathe in the New Moon blessings and claim your rebirth.

CAPRICORN ~ Does it seem like you've been banging your head against a wall or that you've been talking to a brick wall? It could be because you've been handling the same problem with the same approach over and over. There is something to be said about structure and proven methods. There is also something to be said about learning from experience and the ability to adapt enough to alter what's no longer effective. Change is a constant in life. Fighting change and sticking with something antiquated just causes headaches.

AQUARIUS ~ It's ok to have a change of mind or heart, especially if regarding an existing situation. The New Moon casts its light upon your house of thought and communication. Perhaps, you are now awakened to information you didn't previously have or somehow missed. Maybe you weren't mentally or emotionally ready for that insight before. No matter what it is, allow yourself to change your mind or heart without judgements.

PISCES ~ The New Moon in your income house while Jupiter is in your sign is a strong combination for changing your financial situation. As Mercury retrogrades in your house of thought for the next three weeks, reflect upon what would really change your situation. Think BIG. Jupiter in your sign dares you. Now, bring that down in practical measures. Make a list, if necessary, to help you concretize your thoughts. Determine a timeline and make sure to allow for wiggle room because life is full of surprises.

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