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WeeklyScopes ~ April 19 to 25, 2010

Hello friends and readers,

I've had some trouble again posting at the site. I'm not completely sure if it will post and post on time. So, this week's horoscopes are pasted below. I guess that's what I get for trying to post right before a Mercury retrograde :)

Have a great week, everyone.


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WeeklyScopes ~ April 19 to 25
Keeping It Together

* Days and times reflect North America EST

False starts. Abrupt endings. Slower process. Misunderstandings. All to be expected with Mercury (thought/communication) still acclimating himself as he gets settled into his retrograde state (introspective). The ill-fated, frustrating alignment between the Aries-Sun (conscious will) and Saturn (reality/restrictions), now back in Virgo, doesn't help matters as we begin the week.

Tuesday marks a big shift in celestial energies as both the Sun and Chiron (wounds/healing) change signs. The Sun enters Taurus and stays there for four weeks, a good time solidify plans and/or take well thought out steps toward goals. Chiron enters Pisces, where he remains until November; Chiron last transit in Pisces was during the 1960s.

Midweek quiets down a bit. As the weekend approaches and into the weekend, Venus (relationships/finances) gets busy making her rounds linking up to Neptune (insight/dreams), Uranus (awakening/surprises) and Saturn before leaving Taurus and entering Gemini on Sunday. Venus' move into Gemini should help lighten the serious tone created by the alignments between Mercury & Mars (assertion/aggression) and the Sun & Pluto (endings/purging).

ARIES ~ Finances may be a focus this week with Mercury retrograde in your income house. There may be delays in receiving money that is due to you or extra obstacles in finalizing agreements to a job contract, especially for those self-employed. Venus' move to Gemini at the end of the week may provide relief next week. So, be patient and stay positive.

TAURUS ~ Just let it roll off your back this week. Mercury retrograde in your sign may get frustrating as communications go haywire and delays cause a domino effect of troublesome issues. Don't let anything or anyone break your stride. Just take one step forward as you are able to.

GEMINI ~ With three planets now retrograde and each falling into the part of your chart that governs emotions/intuition, you are being urged to listen to your intuitive self more than usual. As a cerebral sign, logic is your preferred method. Be open, however, to heighten your heart and mind. Listen to that soft voice whispering to you in your quietest moments.

CANCER ~ Feel like you're on a treadmill? You're moving. You're running. Yet, you remain in the same spot. This week might feel a little or a lot like that, especially within your friendships. You're talking and no one is listening. But you keep getting asked for your opinion. Don't be frustrated and don't feel obligated to keep repeating yourself.

LEO ~ The future is not set and can still be molded, despite how much you've got it figured out. Mercury retrograde in your future goals house may post extra challenges at work this week but over the next three weeks, take the time to reflect upon what you now desire for your life. Where do you see yourself a year from now? What do you want for yourself?

VIRGO ~ As your ruler, Mercury, retrogrades in your travel house, make huge allowances for travel delays. Chiron also enters your relationships house this week and may cause communication with those significant to you an extra challenge this week. Keep tempers cool and frustration levels in check if you expect to arrive at decisions or gain results.

LIBRA ~ What's been holding you back? Family? The past? Your own psyche? The next few weeks is about purging yourself of what's got you stuck. You've let go of a lot already. This is just squeezing out the last few bits. So, take a deep breath and allow retrograde planets, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, to help you delve deeper and scrape off what still festers.

SCORPIO ~ Are others looking at you as if you're speaking a foreign language? Or perhaps, it is you that thinks no one is making sense. Relationships may, indeed, be troublesome this week. Understanding what's being communicated is key. It may help to break down each idea or portion of the topic being discussed. Understand the pieces to see the bigger picture.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Deja vu? Huh? Didn't that happen already? Like, yesterday? Hmm... Events, issues, situations within the workplace may seem like a bad dream you keep re-living over and over, day after day. Don't let them see you sweat. Do what must be done … again and remember that, 'this, too, shall pass' eventually :)

CAPRICORN ~ Drama with your other half and/or children might be where your greatest challenges are this week. With Chiron entering your house of thought, you're also being urged to make some changes in how you think/process information and in your communication, all together. Changing something that's been the norm for most, if not all, of your life is truly difficult. It's the effort in trying that counts.

AQUARIUS ~ Are you a little stumped? Pretend you're in school, taking an exam and you're stuck at one question. Follow the usual protocol, move on the next question and return to where you got stuck after having finished the entire exam. If you are fighting for something too hard or putting too much energy into one thing this week, don't push it. There is time to get to it later. Be conservative in choosing where you exert efforts this week.

PISCES ~ Chiron joins Jupiter in your sign this week. With Mercury also retrograde in your house of thought, you may find your mind wandering in places you haven't visited in a while or perhaps have never set foot in. Welcome whatever and wherever you may find yourself in. In the real world, however, be aware of who or what may give you difficulty this week even if you don't know the why. This awareness will help carry you through the week.

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