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Saturn Direct ~ June 12, 2011

Mr. Stone Cold Reality stations direct on June 12 at 8:51 p.m. PDT / 11:51 p.m. EDT, after being retrograde since January 25th. Saturn represents our limitations, boundaries, obligations, responsibilities, challenges, and the hard work and perseverance required for success in endeavors. As written on previous Saturn posts:

Saturn, the taskmaster, teaches us lifelong karmic lessons. His approach is thorough through accepting our realities and applying disciplined, practical and hard work to rise above what limits us and be a success in our endeavors.

In the sign of Libra, Saturn's focus is on our significant relationships and the obligations that come with our commitments to them. It is the less romantic approach to love but with the lesson learned comes longevity and strength of union. The same holds true for other platonic but committed partnerships. Despite personal difficulties, hurdles to jump over, broken pieces to pick up and sweat poured from the hard work, this relationship (with a best friend, business partner, parent, sibling, etc.) endures.

While Saturn was retrograde, we may have found it difficult to move forward with our plans, especially during the station days (June 12-17) when Saturn must adjust to his change of direction/pace. Don't be frustrated. Consider that things are not moving forward as quickly as you'd like because, despite what you might believe, you or the situation may not be completely ready to move ahead. Take the opportunities presented to you, limit actions, take smaller strides, and leave negative thinking/energies behind. Saturn's actions and steps are measured which might, at times, be at the speed of molasses, but they will likely prove to be effective and successful.

On the day Saturn stations direct, the Gemini-Sun (ego/conscious will) blends energies with Mercury (thought/communication) while Venus (love/money), who is also in Gemini, makes friends with Uranus (awareness/radical change) in Aries. With the Moon also waxing for an eclipsed full moon on June 15th, things may get a bit tense and intense, especially within our significant relationships, interactions with superiors, or money matters. Watch out and avoid becoming a player in the blame game. Assess if situations truly needs action taken at the present moment; if not, opt for tackling the issues another day with, hopefully, a clearer head.

While retrograde, Saturn went back through 18 to 10 degrees of Libra, and will now revisit those degrees for a third and last time until September 21. Where do 10 to 18 degrees of Libra fall on your birth chart? Those with natal planets/house angles in Libra or cardinal signs between 10 and 18 degrees have been getting an extra workout from Saturn, especially those going through their Saturn Return! How has Saturn's retrograde cycle been for you, thus far?

Unsure where 10-18 degrees of Libra falls on your chart or whether you have natal planets/house planets between 10-18 degrees of cardinal signs? Cast your own birth chart at for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required.

Alternatively, I am also available personal consultations tailored to your needs. Are you celebrating a birthday? Or know someone who is? Schedule your session for a Solar Return (birthdays), Saturn Return, or 3-Chart Reading (detailed natal & overall outlook for the next 12 months) or request a quote for a more customized reading tailored to your needs. You might also consider giving a loved one the gift of insight.

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