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Jupiter Sextile Neptune ~ June 8, 2011

What's your dream? Jupiter (abundance) sextiles Neptune (enlightenment) on June 8th. This first half of June is a good time to be reminded of our idealism. Getting back in touch with our dreams can go a long way into giving hope to difficult life events or impossible situations. Regaining our sense of wonder and faith help offer an alternate perspective into an existing issue.

Jupiter reminds us of the best that life can offer. Neptune urges us to look beyond the tangible world. Jupiter represents expansion, luck, happiness, and opportunities. He is currently in Taurus, where his energy seeks comfort and stability. Neptune governs the subconscious world, spirituality, visions, and imagination. She is presently in her home sign of Pisces.

Elsewhere in the sky and on the day that Jupiter and Neptune perfect their sextile, Chiron (healing), who is also transiting Pisces, stations for retrograde motion. As he turns his focus inward, Chiron reinforces the Neptunian/Piscean spiritual/intuitive/reflective nature.

Take advantage of their alliance by broadening your interests, stepping out of your comfort zone, or cultivating a more spiritual approach to daily life. Keep in mind that, at worst, Jupiter can be overzealous or overly optimistic, and Neptune can be confusing or too much of an escapist. So although, this may not be the time take action towards achieving your dreams, it's an ideal time to awaken your conscious self to whatever unconscious or semi-conscious drives you may have. What you eventually do with whatever's unmasked is up to you :)

Jupiter sextile Neptune occurs at almost 1 degree of Taurus (fixed sign) and Pisces (mutable sign). Those born around February 18-21 and April 19-22 or those with natal planets/house angles near 1 degree of fixed or mutable signs may be more sensitive to this Jupiter-Neptune sextile.

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