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Venus in Gemini ~ June 9 to July 3/4, 2011

The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel via Wikimedia Commons

Venus leaves her home sign of Taurus to transit Gemini. Venus governs how we relate (to others, to ourselves), what we value in life (people, things, precepts), and how we determine worth (self-worth, material worth, aesthetics).

In Taurus, Venus is stable, comfort-seeking, and driven by material security. In Gemini, Venus is less complicated, requires mental stimulation, has varied interests, and can be spontaneous. Gemini governs thought, ideas, communication, interactions, education and siblings. At best, Venus in Gemini is friendly, social, curious, intelligent, open-minded and lively. At worst, facetious, superficial, duplicitous, indecisive and flighty.

While Venus is in Gemini, there's even more emphasis on communication in our relationships -- personal, intimate, and business; significant, long-term, and casual. Relationships and friendships flourish through conversations -- meaningful, light, or a simple exchange of ideas.

Venus in Gemini is friendly, popular, easy going, uncomplicated, and requires mental stimulation in our social interactions. Love may blossom through hours of conversations, jumping from one topic to the next and back again. Friendships created through laughter. Existing relationships grow stronger through communication. Our social calendars may be busier than usual. Enjoyment of the present moment is encouraged during this transit.

In money matters, two or multiple sources of income may be possible during this transit. So, if you have been planning on creating supplemental income to pad the wallet a bit more than what's earned from an existing employment, this is an ideal month for such an endeavor. Gemini may lack the determination and staying power that Taurus embody, but Gemini's enthusiasm and fast-acting responses make it beneficial for getting things done quickly, if not efficiently. For the uber-shoppers in us all, be weary of impulse buying. You may regret the expense next month when the credit card bills come in.

This year, Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Gemini beginning June 9 at 7:23 a.m. PDT / 10:23 p.m. EDT until July 3/4, 2011.

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Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus (1863), oil on canvas, 130 x 225 cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York via Wikimedia Commons

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