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Venus Direct ~ November 18, 2010

Hemispheric View of Venus via NASA

Finally! Venus stations for direct motion on November 18. She's been retrograde since October 8. More recently, she returned home to Libra on November 7, where she remains until the 29th.

As written on a previous post,

Venus represents our relationships (all types -- intimate, platonic, family and that with the self), our material wealth, our value system/s, our self-worth, our capacity to see beauty in the world, and our desires.

While retrograde, Venus urged us to seek within and reflect upon issues related to our relationships, finances and self-worth. In Scorpio, Venus' focus may be in "value" -- what this object, person, belief is worth? how much influence does it have on the self? is this influence a positive one that nurtures personal growth or provides true happiness? what attachments (material or otherwise) do we cling to and why? In Libra, Venus's focus may in our relationships -- how do they enhance or limit our lives? how does the dynamic of this relationship promote self-growth?

From November 18 until approximately December 20, Venus will pass through the same degrees from 17 degrees of Libra to 13 degrees of Scorpio for the third and last time. This gives us a chance to apply what we may have learned while she was retrograde.

On the day Venus changes direction, Jupiter in Pisces, who has been retrograde since July 23 will also station for direct motion. Elsewhere in the sky on this same day, the Scorpio-Sun (ego/potential) squares Neptune (hope/enlightenment) and Chiron (wounds/healing) while also trine Uranus (radical change). Avoid getting lost in your head/dreams/visions. Life is about living ... and sometimes, living out loud! Although solitude may be necessary now, make sure you're actually spending quality time alone and not hiding or escaping. Otherwise, you might miss out on opportunities from unlikely places/sources. Expect the unexpected. It's ok to have an abrupt change of mind or feel the need to break away and venture on your own.

Look to the astrological house/s where 17 degrees of Libra to 13 degrees of Scorpio fall into. This should give you an idea of where in your life Venus' transit may be influencing you and/or where you can make the most of its energy. If you don't have your birth chart handy, cast your own -- birth date, time and place required.

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"Hemispheric View of Venus" - image credit and copyright to NASA.

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