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Neptune Direct ~ November 6/7, 2010

Coming off at the heels of a New Moon in Scorpio (November 5/6) and following Chiron's lead in also becoming direct (November 5), Neptune stations on November 6 at 11:04 p.m. PST (Nov. 7 at 1:04 a.m. EST) and prepares for direct motion. She began her retrograde cycle on May 31st.

In a previous post, I explained that:

Neptune is natively introspective and lives in the realm of the unseen world. At best, she is our acute intuitive sense, our dreams, our imagination, our compassion. At worst, she is the fog that clouds our mind, causing indecision, confusion ... escape when avoidance is not the answer.

While Neptune strolled back to where she'd been, we might have been thrown deeper into our own psyche. In Aquarius, Neptune is a visionary, rebellious, unpredictable, and driven by humanitarian causes. Aquarian ways are inventive, innovative, and progressive.

Have we conjured up fresh ways of doing something that's routine? Perhaps an alternate approach to a long-standing situation? Or a new perspective to an old view? Have we been awakened to caring beyond our selves, our lives? Do we now imagine how truly interconnected each of us are?

As she goes over her steps, yet again, beginning at 25 degrees to 28 degrees of Aquarius, she continues to move side by side with Chiron (the wounded healer). Their meeting will not perfect, but they will closest to each other between November and December. Their "closeness" triggers the energy of their conjunction from earlier this year in February. Their alliance supported our efforts "to release fears, heal past hurts, let go of mentally wounding thoughts/ideas, give up old ways or bad habits while at the same time giving us hope and insight; we are shown truth and reality that go beyond what we can mentally process, visually witness and audibly experience." We can, again, tap into this energy if we need help in this way.

On the day Neptune turns direct, Venus, who remains retrograde, also adds to the celestial energy shift by returning to Libra. A separate article will be posted on the topic.

To get an idea of how Neptune's transit may influence you, look to the solar and/or natal house governed by Aquarius and which house/s 26-28 degrees of Aquarius falls in your birth chart. For those without a birth chart handy, cast your birth chart at Alternatively, I am available for personal consultations. Schedule your session or Request an estimate for a more customized reading.

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Neptune. Roman God of the Sea. Original image source unknown.

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