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Venus Returns to Libra ~ November 7 to 29, 2010

Libra via Sodahead

Venus has been retrograde since October 8 and remain so until November 18. Beginning November 7th until the 29th, Venus retraces her steps from early September when she returns to her home sign of Libra and revisits 27 to 29 degrees of Libra before re-entering Scorpio on the November 29 to stay until January 7, 2011.

What were the first ten days of September like for you? Do you have unresolved issues or unfinished projects from that period? Or maybe, you did work then that you haven't been paid for yet. Much of November may be a time to help you gain some closure or arrive at a solution.

Venus symbolizes love and money, while Libra represents relationships, so these may be the areas in life that Venus' return to Libra will trigger this month. With Saturn (reality/structure/hard work) also in Libra where he's been since July and where he'll remain until 2012, some of us may be learning or re-learning how to relate with others; how to be in a healthy relationship with another/others or even with money; or how to put away our blinders and "see" our relationships as they truly are. Perhaps, finances being tight becomes a lesson in values and priorities; a relationship on the rocks finds solid ground to rebuild the relationship structure or crumbles; or a failed relationship, a lesson in self-worth.

However, Venus' transit may manifest in your life and whether these events/issues are related to Saturn's transit, take this time reassess finances and what course of action, if any, may be necessary to take; gain understanding on the nature of your relationships, whether they are healthy or not and what you can do to improve things; and/or be open to re-establish a new value system...perhaps, what you once deemed super important may no longer be at the top tier of your priorities.

Those with natal planets, especially natal Saturn, and/or house angles within 27 to 29 degrees of cardinal signs may experience Venus' return in Libra stronger than most. In addition to Venus' transit, Chiron and Neptune will now also be direct and transiting the last degrees of fellow air sign, Aquarius, during this period when Venus is also in Libra.

Also today, Neptune stations direct, after five months of being in retrograde motion.

To get an idea of how Venus' transit may influence you (along with Chiron and Neptune's transits), look to the solar and/or natal house governed by Libra (and Aquarius for Chiron and Neptune) and which house/s 27-29 degrees of Libra falls in your birth chart (26-28 degrees of Aquarius for Chiron and Neptune). For those without a birth chart handy, cast your birth chart at

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