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Pluto Direct ~ September 13/14, 2010

Pluto - New Horizons by Dan Durda via APOD

After five months in retrograde, Pluto stations on September 13 at 9:37 p.m. PST (September 14 12:37 a.m. EST) in preparation for direct motion. While retrograde, Pluto retraced his steps from 5 degrees back to 2 degrees in Capricorn. Those with natal planets or house angles between 2 and 5 degrees of cardinal signs have had to contend with Pluto's forceful energy and will continue to be under the umbrella of Pluto's influence for several more months, possibly another year!

As previously posted:

Pluto represents rebirth, regeneration, and transformation. He is our compulsions, obsessions, ability for control, and empowerment. Pluto gives us the power to tackle obstacles in life through deeply understanding our situations, which results in our letting go and being transformed in the process. Pluto's process usually brings endings, purging, destruction, complete annihilation of what no longer works before a renewal can occur.

As he transits signs, he moves through our natal and solar houses affecting our lives slowly, subtly but with glaring, remarkable life-altering results. Pluto currently moves through Capricorn, where he is ambitious, practical, and determined. Capricorn represents social status, public life, reputation, hierarchies, and established government. Globally, Pluto's transit in Capricorn until 2023 may bring changes in government systems, restructuring of proven but antiquated methods, issues with security, and the like. Expect these issues to be extended to our personal lives -- how we feel about security and what makes us secure; a look at what we do, hold on to, practice, believe in that no longer reflects our current life, our present self, our present drives; establishing or reevaluating of our goals/aspirations and taking steps toward achieving them.

On a separate note, Mars also begins his transit in Scorpio on the same day Pluto turns direct.

For me, Pluto continues to transit my solar 7th house (partnerships--intimate or business) and natal 4th house (home/family/past), and sometime in 2022, will enter my natal 5th house (love/creativity). My natal Sun (conscious will) in my natal 10th house (professional pursuits) continues to be in an opposition with Pluto while Pluto is also square my natal Uranus (breaking with tradition) in my natal 1st house (potential). I find that the more I fight whatever inevitable changes there are, the more difficulties I encounter; and, once I get through with said challenges/obstacles, the experience unavoidably points back in the path that I previously tried to avoid or ignore. arrgh! Why can't I just learn to not fight it?! I just seem to keep choosing to learn the hard way. lol. Well, I suppose I don't always fight it, but the occasions I do are the most noticeable to me, hindsight.

Pluto's transits are not pleasant or even welcomed but they are essential. Pluto is slow moving so, his impact may be subtle but undeniable. How has Pluto's transit in Capricorn influence your life? Look to the Capricorn-ruled house/s in your natal and/or solar birth chart/s to help determine which parts of your life he's working on transforming.

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"Pluto - New Horizons" - APOD image credit and copyright to Dan Durda.

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