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WeeklyScopes Posted! ~ September 20 to 26, 2010

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WeeklyScopes ~ September 20 to 26

*Day/time references reflect North America PST.

The Sun's transit in Virgo comes to a close on Wednesday, when he enters Libra and stays through October 23. But before that happens, the Sun gets uncomfortable with Chiron, then opposes Jupiter and Uranus who remain in a tight conjunction all week. This offers us a chance to gain better understanding of where things stand, what may have gone wrong, how the past/the present affect what's to come and what is it exactly that we'd like to happen or work towards? Getting to the answers/clarity we seek may require going within and accessing our spiritual side.

Following the Sun's move to Libra is the Full Moon in Aries on Thursday. Then the weekend, get tense as the Libra-Sun gets rough and tough with Pluto. This strenuous energy may be reminiscent to late July or early August and may bring up issues happening then or some semblance of them.

Make allowances for the energy shift this week with the Sun's move to Libra and the Full Moon. Have a great week everyone.

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