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Full Moon in Aries ~ September 23, 2010

Moonrise, Cape Sounion, Greece. Credit & Copyright to Anthony Ayiomamitis via APOD

Full moons signify the completion, culmination of what may have been initiated during the previous new moon in Virgo which highlighted communication, analyzing situations prior to making judgements or taking action, being practical and encouraged us to be of service to service. This Full Moon in Aries highlights the balance between the self (who I am) and the shared self (who I am in a relationship); the potential of our individual selves and our partnerships; and the consideration of another's needs as they pertain to our own basic needs.

Coupled with Saturn also transiting the partnerships sign of Libra, where he's whipping us all into shape with lessons in love, relationships, commitments, partnerships, equality and objectivity, this full moon touches upon our relationships and perhaps, finally making the long overdue necessary changes. Time to grow up -- whether it's taking things to the next level of commitment; learning to accommodate, compromise, communicate; standing up for one's self; or however this full moon may play out in your life.

This is the first of two full moons occurring in Aries this year, giving this lesson on learning to balance the self and its needs/wants within relationships -- may they be intimate, platonic, familial or business. Next month's full moon in Aries will be on October 30.

On this occurrence, the Aries-Full Moon forms a Cardinal T-square with Pluto in Capricorn. Energies may be reminiscent to the strained Cardinal T-square experienced from July to August between Saturn in Libra (replaced by the energy of the Libra-Sun) opposing Jupiter/Uranus in Aries (substituted by the Aries-Moon) who were all square Pluto, then retrograde, in Capricorn. Perhaps, a conclusion, closure or "reaping of what was sown" is happening now which might also be related events or issues from as early as June.

This full moon happens just a few hours after blending energies with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, prior to the Moon's entrance in Aries. Jupiter (ideals/opportunities) and Uranus (awakening/radical change) are still in a tight conjunction, offering us an extra lending hand to tap into the blessings of their collaboration ... optimism and faith that there is life after whatever it is that may be ending or culminating and getting ready for the next phase.

This Aries-Full Moon occurs at Aries Point on September 23 at 2:17 a.m. PST / 5:17 a.m. EST. Those born within 3 days of March 21 or September 23 or with natal planets and/or house angles on or around zero degree of cardinal signs and 27-29 degrees of mutable signs may experience the effects of this full moon stronger than others.

Additional note for those with natal planets or house angles in late degrees of mutable signs. The conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus is currently touching your birth chart. With the help from the alliance between Jupiter and Uranus, you can further benefit from this full moon phase (September 23 to October 7) if you choose to make use of this energy during this period.

For me, this Full Moon falls in my natal 7th house of partnerships (as a Virgo-rising) and my solar 10th house of career/future goals (as a Cancer-Sun). Towards the end of June and around the time when the Capricorn-Lunar Eclipse occurred, I made a decision to move back to my hometown and be closer to family. At the end of July and under the tense energy of the Cardinal T-square, I made the move. Now, almost two months since my relocation, I'm still working towards a routine of some sort with both my personal and professional life. The plans I've made have either concluded or need to be abandoned because they either did not pan out or must be reconfigured to fit my current situation.

How might this full moon influence your birth chart? Match the sign and degree to determine what house this full moon falls in. Use the list of zodiac signs below to identify the sign Aries on your birth chart then click here for a brief explanation on the Full Moon transit in that house.

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If you don't have your birth chart, you may use your Sun sign and/or your Rising/Ascendant sign, if you know it. Look for your Sun and Rising Signs below then click here for a brief explanation of the Full Moon transit in those houses.
  • Aries-Sun or Aries Rising ~ 1st House
  • Taurus-Sun or Taurus Rising ~ 12th House
  • Gemini-Sun or Gemini-Rising ~ 11th House
  • Cancer-Sun or Cancer-Rising ~ 10th House
  • Leo-Sun or Leo-Rising ~ 9th House
  • Virgo-Sun or Virgo-Rising ~ 8th House
  • Libra-Sun or Libra-Rising ~ 7th House
  • Scorpio-Sun or Scorpio-Rising ~ 6th House
  • Sagittarius-Sun or Sagittarius-Rising ~ 5th House
  • Capricorn-Sun or Capricorn-Rising ~ 4th House
  • Aquarius-Sun or Aquarius-Rising ~ 3rd House
  • Pisces-Sun or Pisces-Rising ~ 2nd House
Unsure if you have natal planets/house planets at zero degree of cardinal signs? Cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required.

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Moonrise, Cape Sounion, Greece. Image credit and copyright to Anthony Ayiomamitis via APOD.

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