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Cancer-Sun Square Jupiter/Uranus & Oppose Pluto

Dark Filament of the Sun

During his first few days (June 21 to 27) transiting the usually mellow sign of Cancer, the Sun (our potential/the self) gets in a pickle with Jupiter (expands/prospers), Uranus (excites/incites) and Pluto (intensifies/transforms), as these four celestial bodies form a Cardinal T-square.

In a previous post, I described a Cardinal T-Square as follows:

A square is the most difficult and challenging relationship between two planets. It is an impatient energy that requires action. A square is conflict, war between two celestial bodies. There is a need to create something birthed from inside us and to manifest that creation out into the world -- may it be in your own personal world, your immediate environment or something that influences many. A t-square embodies the energy of two squares plus an opposition. An opposition is a tense relationship between planets that require balance. Add cardinal to the mix -- cardinal signs take action; they lead, create and initiate. So, the combined energy of a cardinal t-square makes for something that's impatient, dynamic and eager to do something...anything.These last days of June may be filled with tension, especially with a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn that features a Grand Cross on June 26 (which also happens to be my Solar Return, btw. nice *sarcasm*).

It is important, however, that this 'tension' is used/channeled in a way that best serves our personal lives or achieving our goals. It's easy to get angry or frustrated and lash out at someone or something or some cause. What we focus our attention on is where the energy will flow and manifest in our life. Giving our attention to what qualifies as our 'default' setting or the convenient target does not make the best use of this Cardinal T-Square/Lunar Eclipse/Grand Cross energy. It is very important not to be on auto-pilot or exert our attention/energy toward anything other than what we want to manifest.

Actions taken must be the result of determined, measured and conscious decisions that work toward an objective. It would be a shame to let such an opportunistic (Jupiter), radical (Uranus), transformative (Pluto) energy that benefits the individual (Sun) go to waste. Be reminded that although events/decisions/actions are occurring now, their impact can be for the long term. Think of this energy as the opportunity for us to sow seeds that we'll be able to harvest later. Let's harvest something that's fruitful to us as individuals and as human beings.

Although we are all recipients of what this energy has to offer, early-born Cancers (June 21 to 27), Libra (September 23 to 29), Capricorn (December 22 to 28) and Aries (March 20 to 26) or those with natal planets/house angles between zero to five degrees of cardinal signs may experience this energy stronger than others. Look to astrological house/s of your natal and/or solar charts that are governed by Cancer, Capricorn and Aries to get an idea of where in your life this energy may manifest in.

Unsure if you have natal planets/house planets at zero to five degrees of cardinal signs? Cast your own birth chart -- birth date, time, and place required.

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"Dark Filament of the Sun" - APOD image credit and copyright to NASA/Goddard/SDO AIA Team.

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