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Jupiter Oppose Saturn ~ March 28, 2011

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Jupiter expands. Saturn restricts. Jupiter idealizes. Saturn realizes. Jupiter, adventurous. Saturn, pragmatic. Jupiter, gigantic and playful. Saturn, stern and determined. Now these two celestial bodies are in a tug of war one final time.

Jupiter first opposed Saturn at 28 degrees of Pisces/Virgo, respectively, on May 23, 2010. With mutable signs at the helm, their energy was demanding but not necessarily forceful as with the now cardinal energy. A few months later, they were opposite one another again in mid-August 2010 at 3 degrees with Jupiter in Aries / Saturn in Libra, and that opposition was part of the Cardinal T-Square. This t-square was at its most intense and powerfully influential period from June to August 2010, of which the longer term impact in our personal world, as well as globally, have yet to be determined.

This time around Jupiter opposes Saturn on March 28 and occurring at 15 degrees of Aries and Libra, respectively. An opposition is challenging. It's conflict. But unlike a square (as with last month's Jupiter-Pluto square), an opposition can have an ideal outcome of harmony, balance, a win-win for parties involved. What do you want? (Jupiter) What are you gonna do about it? (Saturn) It's win-win when your aspirations are grounded enough in reality and you don't allow the limitations to become a source of discouragement. Instead, you rise up to the challenge by using the knowledge of what the restrictions/blockages may be and commit yourself to the hard work ahead on the way to achieving set goals, despite how daunting going for it seems to be. Let Jupiter fuel your determination and Saturn plan your course of action.

With this Jupiter-Saturn opposition being a repeat occurrence, perhaps what was brought to light or what might have begun last year, especially between May and September, has a chance for completion now. Or maybe another look, if it's been neglected or put on hold. Or even still, perhaps it's time to take things to the next phase. However this energy may manifest in your world, it is an opportunity to bring about change/improvement to your situation. It will require commitment, perseverance, hard work and openness to new ways of thinking/communicating/doing things.

Although Jupiter and Saturn opposing each other influences us all, those with cardinal sun signs or have natal planets/house angles on or around 15 degrees of cardinal signs may experience this opposition more strongly than other.

For me as a late-decan Virgo-rising, this opposition happens in my natal 1st (self/potential where Saturn transits) vs. 7th (others/relationships where Jupiter travels) houses and as a Cancer-Sun, happens in my solar 4th (family/the past where Saturn is visiting) vs. 10th (career/the future where Jupiter transits) houses. Transits/activity in angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) tend to have a more forceful, powerful impact -- who we are (1st), who we are within our relationships (7th), where we've been (4th) and where we are going (10th). So, this opposition and last year's t-square, plus the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses that started in 2009 and Pluto opposing my Sun while Neptune squares my Neptune have all been rocking my world! I'm so used to my ground shifting that I wouldn't recognize stability if it fell on my head like an anvil. Okay, I wouldn't really want anything falling on me, let alone like an anvil :) But I want a win-win with this Jupiter-Saturn opposition. So, I will make an extra conscious effort to get out of my own way (1st) and really figure out what of the past remains useful (4th) and only take those going forward (10th). And note to self - Accept help when offered for no man or woman is an island (7th).

How might this opposition manifest in your world? Look to the houses where 15 degrees of Aries and Libra fall to see where in your life this energy might be experienced and whether there are links made to natal planets/house angles. Unsure where 15 degrees of Aries/Libra are on your chart or if you have natal planets/house angles around 15 degrees of cardinal signs or which signs govern your natal houses? Cast your own birth chart at for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required.

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