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Sun Signs Explained. Twitter-style.

Zodiac Signs. Credit and copyright to Optimistic Art by Oksancia

Do you Twitter? Do you not know wth I'm talking about? :)

Twitter allows anyone to say what they will to whomever is listening (mostly your Twitter followers) -- what you're up to, what's going on, or whatever you want to share ... but you've gotta do it in 140 characters or less. Since I signed up for the free account in April 2009, I've met some wonderful tweeps. It's also helped me get to the point, already :) Tweeting astro-forecasts in 140 characters or less is a fun, little challenge each tweet.

A new Twitter friend (yay!) @weeclaire asked me for my explanation of the zodiac signs in 140 characters or less. Check out what I had to say: I had a great time writing them. Hope you like...

If you're on Twitterville, feel free to follow me @astrogrrl. Make sure to @ reply me so I'll know to follow you back. Who knows?! It might become the beginning of a beautiful friendship :) If you're not on Twitter, sign up... it's free... it's fun

Zodiac signs image credit and copyright to Optimistic Art by Oksancia.

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