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Saturn Return

There are planetary cycles we all share which mark certain milestones in our personal lives. When transiting planets make connections to our birth chart, something is stirred. The intensity and depth depend upon the nature of the connections and the planets involved. One planetary cycle triggering major life changes is our Saturn Return.

In a previous post on Saturn in Libra, I described Saturn as:

the taskmaster of the zodiac whose karmic lessons, once learned, remain with each of us throughout our lives. He represents reality, challenges, structure, foundation, obstacles, hard work, obligations, restrictions, and limitations. He is cold, distant, stoic, determined, persistent ... all business.Saturn's function, as he transits through signs and touch sensitive points and natal planets in our birth charts, is to teach us our life lessons and reward us, as we learn our lessons.

Saturn Return occurs approximately every 29 years. The first Saturn Return marks the beginning of our second life cycle. This typically occurs between ages 28-30 and ushers us into adulthood by requiring us to commit to something and work our butts off to make it a reality. We are asked to do something, create something; make what we dream about, a reality. Be a responsible adult. Some people get married, get divorced, end a long-term relationship, have children, go back to finish their undergraduate degrees, establish their own business, switch careers, relocate, etc. If you've gone through your first return, do you remember the events and issues faced during that time? Decisions made and actions taken during the first Saturn Return help determine the ease or difficulty of the second Saturn Return.

The second Saturn Return triggers the start of our third life cycle. This return occurs at approximately 58-60 years of age and reflects the transition from maturity to wisdom. It's time to restructure life once again. This time, we are asked to determine what kind of legacy we want to leave. As we look back and take stock at the life we've led so far, what kinds of decisions did we make between ages 30-58? Those who have put things off or avoided dealing with things may find themselves facing the same or similar issues they were faced with during their first return. Have we continually grown on a personal level? What kind of older person will we be? An elder who's respected and whose advice is sought after or the opposite? Our needs have changed, along with our goals. How do we plan to live the next half of our life?

If we live long enough, the third Saturn Return happens at around ages 87-89 and begins our fourth life cycle. By 87, we would have lived a life full of happiness, disappointments, achievements and failures. Managing health issues may also be a factor now and the humbling reality/acceptance that we may need help doing the simplest things -- bathing, changing, eating. I'm not really sure what a third Saturn Return would represent. I have not had the pleasure of giving a third Saturn Return reading. Perhaps this is a time when we detach ourselves from the material attachments of this life, the identity that the self has attached itself with, and prepare ourselves for what comes next -- a transition from this life into the next realm/next life.

I welcome comments on what your thoughts might be for the third Saturn Return or any of the returns.

Those currently going through their Saturn Return (born between 1982 & 1984; 1952 & 1954 and 1923 & 1925) have the extra tension brought on by the Saturn-Pluto square (2009-2010), the Saturn-Uranus opposition (2008-2010) and the Cardinal T-Square that links all three of these heavy players this year. Ouch.

Are you going through or about to go through a Saturn Return? Or maybe, you're interested in a Saturn Transit reading instead. I am available for Saturn Return/Transit readings, and I can also customized any reading depending on your needs. Schedule your session or if you have questions, ask me here. Or you might also consider giving a loved one the gift of insight.Thank you for visiting my site. Come back again soon.

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