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Mercury in Aries ~ March 17 to April 2, 2010

Image source unknown.Is it that time again already?! That Mercury sure is fast. On March 17 at 12:12 p.m. EST, he leaves the mellow sign of Pisces for the impulsive sign of Aries. He remains in Aries until April 2. Mercury governs thinking, communication, and writing. In Pisces, Mercury is introspective, understanding and conscientious. In Aries, he is pioneering, independent, ardent, instinctive, rash, brash and impatient.

At best, Mercury in Aries is a leader, accomplished, direct, decisive and doesn't take 'no' for an answer. At worst, selfish, arrogant, quick-tempered, territorial, aggressive, and super competitive.

While Mercury transits Aries, let our minds be enterprising, our words be impassioned, and our decisions be confident. With Mars moving direct again, whatever ideas may have been swimming in our heads could be realized if we allow Mercury in Aries to help brainstorm our options and steps to take.

At the moment Mercury enters Aries, he quickly trines with Mars, while also opposes Saturn-rx. Mercury's connections allow us to see the realities/restrictions (Saturn), thereby actions taken (Mars) after much consideration. Although our commitment may be in question (Mercury oppose Saturn-rx), especially if it turns out that getting things initiated takes more work/resources/dedication than originally thought, our eagerness (Mercury trine Mars) may be great enough to move forward with determination. Elsewhere in the sky, the Sun and Uranus blend energies in Pisces. Perhaps we'll uncover something that's previously hidden or get a dash of hopefulness, especially if times are tough. Whatever it may be, expect the unexpected, be unconventional and venture out of your comfort zone.

While in Aries, Mercury will align with the following celestial bodies (all dates reflect North America Eastern time zone; give +/-2 days for life span of influence):
  • March 17 & 18 ~ Mercury trine Mars and oppose Saturn-rx. covered above
  • March 20 ~ Mercury square Pluto. Penetrating mind. Strong ability to focus. Watch tempers and impatience. The Sun also enters Aries on this day strengthening the Arian influences surrounding us.
  • March 31 & April 1 ~ Mercury sextile Neptune and Chiron. Insight. Releasing negative thoughts/energy and replacing them with hope and positive influences. Venus also enters Taurus on March 31.
Where will this Mercury transit fall on your birth chart? Look to the natal house/s ruled by Aries. Match the signs with the house cusps on your birth chart. Use the list of zodiac signs below to identify the Aries zodiac sign on your birth chart then click here for a brief explanation of Mercury transiting those houses.

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For those without a birth chart, you may use your Sun sign or Rising/Ascendant sign, if you know it. Look for them below then click here for a brief explanation of Mercury's transit in those houses.
  • Aries-Sun or Aries Rising ~ 1st House
  • Taurus-Sun or Taurus Rising ~ 12th House
  • Gemini-Sun or Gemini-Rising ~ 11th House
  • Cancer-Sun or Cancer-Rising ~ 10th House
  • Leo-Sun or Leo-Rising ~ 9th House
  • Virgo-Sun or Virgo-Rising ~ 8th House
  • Libra-Sun or Libra-Rising ~ 7th House
  • Scorpio-Sun or Scorpio-Rising ~ 6th House
  • Sagittarius-Sun or Sagittarius-Rising ~ 5th House
  • Capricorn-Sun or Capricorn-Rising ~ 4th House
  • Aquarius-Sun or Aquarius-Rising ~ 3rd House
  • Pisces-Sun or Pisces-Rising ~ 2nd House
Alternatively, you may cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Are you celebrating a birthday? Schedule a Solar Return or 3-Chart Package Reading (Gift Certificates also available). Or request a quote for a more customized reading. Or have a question? Or maybe head over to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* to start or join in on a discussion.

What significance do planets, signs, and houses have in astrology? Planets have the function, the job to do. The style/manner they will use get that job done is defined by the zodiac sign they occupy. Where in our life the job gets done is determined by the house the planet occupies/transits. So, when Mars (aggression) is in Aries (bold), he is more assertive than when he is in Cancer (sensitive). When traveling through the 10th house (professional life), he may bring his confidence and motivation in matters relating to our career. While in the 11th house (friendships), we may be more inclined to having our social calendar packed with activities. Having the foresight for what may be coming up or receiving confirmation on what may be happening now are ways astrology can be beneficial ... as above, so below.

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Image source unknown.

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