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Jupiter Conjunct Chiron ~ December 7, 2009

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A Healing Wish. Image credit & copyright to Amber CrystalFor the third and last time, Jupiter and Chiron blend energies in Aquarius. Something begun earlier this year, perhaps in May or July, gets a last look now. Maybe to give it a final answer, a definitive solution, or a simple reflection on what was and what is now.

Jupiter represents our ideals, our hopes, opportunities. Chiron represents wounds that need healing, pain that need release, and old ways that need letting go. In the zodiac sign Aquarius, both Jupiter and Chiron are forward thinking, fighting for change in order to improve, and rebels against established structure that no longer serves its original purpose. They are innovative and think outside the box.

What life-altering changes, decisions made, or series of events happening this year that caused you to release past hurts, heal deeply-rooted wounds, leave old ways, question old beliefs, establish a new foundation, or drop friends who would not/could not accept this new version of you? Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune, forming the Triple Conjunction, probably had a hand in it.

This blending of energies between Jupiter and Chiron occurs at 22 degrees of Aquarius. Although we are all beneficiaries of the healing and inspired energy this conjunction offers, those with natal planets/house angles at 22 degrees of fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) or air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) may be influenced more strongly than others.

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Illustration credit and copyright to Amber Crystal.

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