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WeeklyScopes Posted! December 14 to 20, 2009

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WeeklyScopes ~ December 14 to 20, 2009
Expect the Unexpected While Establishing New Beginnings

The week's excitement starts with the Sagittarius-Sun (conscious will/potential) agitating Uranus (awakening/change) and making nice with the Triple Conjunction (rare and promising). We're able to hope for the best.

Wednesday brings a chance for renewals and the beginning of a new cycle as the Sun and Moon blend energies in expansive Sagittarius for this month's New Moon, which is also close enough to benefit from the blessings offered by the Triple Conjunction. This New Moon urges us to “see” beyond our comprehension or what's tangible. Consider that the answers we seek or opportunities hoped for may not come in the package we expected, but will surprisingly satisfy our needs.

What's in store for your Sun sign?


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