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MonthlyScopes ~ January 2010

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Forging Ahead As We Reflect Upon Where We've Been

* Days and times reflect EST

Happy New Year, everyone! January 1st begins still reeling from the previous day's Eclipsed Cancer Full Moon. Luckily, we're given a bit of a breather, of about two weeks, when the planet and stars are somewhat quiet.

Major shifts in sky begin with Saturn's change in directions on the 13th, when he retrogrades for five months. This is followed by the month's supercharged eclipsed New Moon in Capricorn occurring on the 15th and the same day as Mercury moving direct again after having slowed down for three weeks. Then, Jupiter changes signs and enters Pisces on the 17th, where he remains until early June. Venus and the Sun follow Jupiter's lead, as both also change signs and enter Aquarius on the 18th and 19th, respectively. As Saturn retrogrades our focus turn inward, especially on issues regarding our partnerships (may they be intimate or business-related), the eclipsed New Moon in Capricorn shines upon our obligations and perhaps renewing our ambitions for the future. With Mercury returning to its normal pace, clarity and decisiveness will follow. Just as well, since Jupiter's move into Pisces may give us a little too much optimism, as he gets acclimated in this new sign. With Venus and the Sun entering the innovative, forward-thinking, and unconventional sign of Aquarius, expect the unexpected and be open to cultivate original ideas as possible action items.

The next celestial happenings occur at the end of the month on the 30th when the Moon becomes Full in Leo; then on the 31st, Saturn and Pluto revisit their antagonistic alignment from two months ago. This Full Moon blends energies with a retrograde-Mars. Joining in the background, Saturn and Pluto fight it out while Chiron and Neptune grow closer to perfecting their embrace that's been in the making since 2008 and was closest last May. Whatever may have been festering for far too long may now find a final release. With Saturn and Pluto involve, this purging may be a difficult process. Their last similar meeting occurred mid-November last year. The end of January may be reminiscent issues/events between May (Chiron and Neptune) and November (Saturn and Pluto) 2009.

~ • ~

ARIES ~ With your ruler, Mars, still retrograde, your patience continues to be tried this month. Does it seem like every step forward you've taken has only brought you two steps back or that unbelievable obstacles block you from getting any of your objectives accomplished? Don't fret. But, do take Mars' lead and slow down, especially with Saturn also retrograding mid-month. Reassess situations. Hold off on any major actions. Both Mercury, who begins moving forward again, and the eclipsed New Moon bring focus upon your career and future goals house, making this an ideal time to solidify plans, restructure foundation, reestablish goals, and the like. Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun move into parts of your chart that suggest help from unexpected sources are available to you and/or that there are energies from behind the scenes working on your behalf. By the end of the month, Saturn and Pluto, along with the Full Moon touching your ruler, bring things to a head. Some long-standing ties may be broken. Old ideals or ideas may get a renewal. Letting go. Release. Moving on. Whatever has been long overdue may get closure/resolution this month.

TAURUS ~ January begins with retrograde-Mars in your house of family and retrograde-Mercury in your house of expansiveness and travel. Miscommunication, especially with family, and delays with regards to travel and/or school arrangements may plague you. Then on the 13th, Saturn retrogrades in your house of work and health, resulting in some (unwelcome) changes in your daily routine, work, and health. What an exercise of patience for you! Hold on. On the 15th when Mercury begins moving forward again and the eclipsed New Moon, the promise of somewhat improved days are ahead. However, the tension between Saturn and Pluto culminates by end of month just as the Full Moon touches retrograde-Mars. How strenuous this energy is depends on how issues and events of the previous weeks have been handled. If they have been ignored, then things inevitably come to a head now. If they have been constructively addressed and worked on, a resolution or final compromise may be negotiated now.

GEMINI ~ It may be a bit challenging being your usual easygoing self these days with your ruler, Mercury, still retrograde and adding fuel to Mars' retrograde motion in your communication house. Misunderstandings, delays, and perhaps even, respiratory issues are more than enough to try your patience. Saturn also changing directions this month, influencing your house of love and creativity, may not have helped matters. But alas, Mercury begins direct movement once more on the 15th, the same day as the New Moon, offering renewals. Then Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, enters your house of professional pursuits and long term goals for an extended stay. Things look up for a bit until end of month when Saturn and Pluto rehash their fight that began this past November. Unresolved or ignored situations from that period may get a second look.

CANCER ~ It must be energizing to have had 2009 end and 2010 begin right after an eclipsed Full Moon in your sign. Hold on to that energy and feeling of optimism. There is something ending … and something brand new, beginning. The first half of this month's focus is on your opposite sign, resulting in your inclinations being motivated by considering the needs of others before your own. Learn to balance satisfying what you need/desire with that of others. The New Moon mid-month brings a renewal in how you relate to others. Venus and the Sun change signs after the New Moon and enter your house of endings and regeneration. At month's end, the Moon becomes full as Saturn and Pluto fight it out. Change is inevitable. Foundations reestablished. Relationships redefined. Boundaries reinstated.

LEO ~ Mars continues in retrograde motion in your sign, leaving you with less oomph than your liking. Now, Saturn also retrogrades, giving focus on relationships while he moves through the part of your chart that governs thought and communication. With Venus and the Sun entering your partnerships/marriage house, careful to watch tempers and communicating in haste. The eclipsed New Moon shines a light on your work and health house, just as Jupiter enters one of your financial houses which also has regenerative benefits. The next few months may bring a change in your work environment and is also an ideal time to establish or reestablish an overall healthy regimen. Tensions rise as the month closes with Saturn and Pluto going at it and the Moon becomes full in your sign while touching retrograde-Mars. Those born within three days of August 1st may feel the strain stronger than others. Consider expending the energy and managing stress through some type of physical activity.

VIRGO ~ Has communication and travel delays been trying your patience? Be thankful Mercury begins moving forward again on the 15th, on the same day as the New Moon in your house of love and creative projects. In fact, for the first half of the month, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all stimulating your house of romance. Those in established relationships may rekindle passions; those single and longing to be involved gets an opportune period to snag yourself your Mr. or Ms. Right (Now). Jupiter enters your house of partnerships on the 17th so, it's likely you may meet your future sweetie after this date. On the 18th, Venus enters the part of your chart that governs work/routines and health so, keep your eyes peeled for a chance meeting in the most common yet unexpected places/circumstances – the gym, on your commute to work, at the grocery store, etc. End of month brings tension as Saturn and Pluto put a squeeze on your money house and perhaps causing strain in your relationships. Avoid negative thinking, especially as the Full Moon in Leo touches retrograde-Mars in your subconscious house. Be mindful and don't get lost in depression over money worries or relationship woes. Instead, be more proactive by thinking up ideas on how to counteract energies and/or create practical step-by-step solutions to problems.

LIBRA ~ As if Saturn in your sign wasn't unpleasant enough, now he'll be retrograde. The eclipsed New Moon mid-month highlights your private/home life. Have you been too busy with your professional pursuits the past six months? The next six months offers the opportunity for balancing home with career, private life with public life, etc. Jupiter moving into the part of your chart that governs work and health will be of help as you work through whatever influences Saturn and the eclipsed New Moon may enlighten you with in the upcoming months. Venus and the Sun entering fellow air sign Aquarius are a welcome change! They should provide extra aid for the tension at the end of the month when Saturn and Pluto, along with the Full Moon, may make you feel like you're being squeezed for your last bits of patience, sanity, objectivity … perhaps, you'll need to put your foot down and put yourself first on a sensitive but lingering issue. Expect what's been left unresolved to find closure/answers this month. Will you be brave enough to take part in or take the lead in finding resolutions? Or will you be reacting to choices made for you?

SCORPIO ~ Mars' retrograde in your career house until March may bring some work-related obstacles or delays. With Mercury and the eclipsed New Moon influencing your house of thought and communication, what and how you think become extra important this month. Remember that our thoughts help create our reality so, formulate ideas and communicate in ways that support your ultimate goals. The eclipsed New Moon's influence has a reach of up to six months. On the 17th, Jupiter enters your house of creative projects, romance, pleasure, and children for an extended stay. 2010 is a great year for love, being reminded of the pleasurable things in life, nurturing relationships with children, and getting creative projects started and off the ground. Before the month ends however, Saturn and Pluto revisit their argument from November; their fight occur in your psychological houses and pose a mental challenge, questioning beliefs, established foundations, the strength of relationships. Couple that tension with the Moon growing full in your career and future goals house while blending energies with retrograde-Mars, stress levels may run high. Be mindful of your thoughts and the motivations behind them.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Opportunities for income may have slowed down with Mercury retrograde in your house of income. The Sun and Venus remain in this house for the first half of the month and help counteract some of the delays or obstacles Mercury's retrograde may have been imposing. For those who are self-employed and/or rely upon networking for leads/contacts, Saturn retrogrades on the 13th and may slow down your social calendar. Thankfully, Mercury begins moving direct again on the 15th opening up your income house for the renewing energy offered by Capricorn-New Moon. The 17th brings Jupiter's long-term blessings into the part of your chart that governs home, family relations, and private life. Month's end bring strain as Saturn and Pluto put the squeeze in one of your financial houses. This energy might also revisit an issue regarding a friend and/or money matters which may have been addressed towards the end of 2009.

CAPRICORN ~ Month begins with Pluto, the Sun, Venus, and a retrograde Mercury in your sign and following an eclipsed Full Moon in your opposite sign. There's an urge to find balance between home and career, obligations and ambitions, and satisfying the needs of the self as well as that of your partner. Mid-month, Saturn joins Mercury and Mars in retrograde motion, allowing for more reflection, review, and reconsideration. On the 15th, Mercury begins moving forward just in time for the eclipsed New Moon also in your sign. Make use of what you may have discovered or rediscovered during the past few weeks and plan accordingly. Jupiter's entrance to your house of thought expands your mind so, don't be surprised if you find yourself a little out of character, especially after Venus and the Sun enter Aquarius on the 18th and 19th, respectively. You're brought back to reality by end of month when Saturn and Pluto fight it out. Watch out for conflict with authority figures or perhaps those subordinate to you will revolt. This energy is linked to the period on or around November 15, 2009 and may result in a change within your profession, professional pursuits, and/or future goals.

AQUARIUS ~ Thank the stars Venus and the Sun will be making an appearance in your sign mid-month. With Mars retrograde in your marriage/partnerships house and Saturn, in relationship-oriented sign Libra, also retrograding soon, Venus and the Sun in Aquarius are much needed help! The eclipsed New Moon this month falls in the part of your chart that governs what's hidden. The next six months may reveal bring to the forefront what may have been lying beneath the surface. Jupiter enters your income house, where he remains for most of the year. End of month may be strenuous as the Full Moon opposes the Sun in your sign while combining forces with retrograde-Mars. Reinforcing this energy are Saturn and Pluto tensing up so, watch tempers and be mindful of speaking/acting in haste, especially toward your partner. Words and actions carry heavier weight. Those born within three days of January 31st may feel the tension stronger than most.

PISCES ~ The month may begin a little busy with social events you're obligated to make appearances at. It will slow down though, but until then, take care that you don't overextend yourself and compromise your health/immune system. With Mars still retrograde in your work and health house, you may still be feeling low on energy. Couple that with Saturn retrograde in your house of regeneration may restrict your ability to heal quickly, so listen to your body and rest up! Luckily, Jupiter, the planet of bliss and expansion, enters your sign on the 17th. His blessings are a-plenty and may help lessen the blow of events at the end of the month – the Full Moon touching retrograde-Mars (affecting issues relating to work and/or health) and the argument between Saturn and Pluto (affecting established relationships).

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