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Introducing --> "WeeklyScopes" Weekly Horoscopes

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Hi astrogrrl friends and readers,

In addition to the Monthly Horoscopes I began writing for this month, I will also begin writing Weekly Horoscopes for starting with this upcoming week's horoscopes, December 7 to 13, 2009 (Monday to Sunday).

Each week details the forecast for that week, as well as for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

I hope that these posts continue to provide insight, foresight, and a practical approach to the day to day.

Here's a snippet of the upcoming week's WeeklyScopes...

~ • ~

Awareness, Release, Moving Forward, Being Brave

The week features Jupiter and Chiron blending energies for the third time this year allows for a final release of what holds us back, perhaps let go of old ways, past hurts, or even antiquated precepts. Coupled with Mercury's connection to Pluto and Saturn, our thoughts and communication determined to achieve our objectives. The Sagittarius-Sun and Leo-Mars harmonizing also gives our actions boldness and decisions confidence.

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