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Uranus Retrograde ~ July 9 to December 9/10, 2011

Farewell shot of crescent Uranus as Voyager 2 departs. ©NASA

Uranus stations on July 9th to join Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto in retrograde motion. Uranus is retrograde until December 9 (Pacific Time) / December 10 (Eastern Time). While retrograde, Uranus retraces his steps from 4° 34' all the back to 0° 39' of Aries.

As with any retrograde planet, our focus turn inward. Uranus represents the idealist, reformist, and non-conformist in all of us who seek to improve the established and antiquated for the innovative and progressive that are more suitable for present-day situations. Uranus is the awakener of the zodiac ... stirring the pot ... rocking the boat. When he decides something needs change, he will do so, radically, shockingly, and at any cost -- a revolution or even chaos.

While Uranus is retrograde, allow your rebellious inner child to run free, think without boundaries, and conceptualize original ideas that bring you closer to achieving your objectives. In Aries, Uranus is a trailblazer and is assertive in communicating one's ideas and pushing for one's objectives. At best, engaging, a leader, entrepreneurial, creative, independent and impassioned. At worst, callous, abrasive, selfish, opinionated and non-committal.

Uranus is a slow moving planet, covering approximately 4° to 5° annually, takes about 7 years to transit one zodiac sign, and its global influence is unequivocal. While Uranus was in Aquarius (innovation) from 1996 to 2003, we watched technological advancements reach new heights -- the internet; mobile phones becoming smaller, lighter, and packed with more features; the iPod :) With Uranus in Pisces (interconnectedness) from 2003 to 2011, there was greater exposure and acceptance on new levels of consciousness/understanding. Some results included in alternative forms of healing/spiritual practices becoming more mainstream; the rise of more socially responsible and humanitarian websites/services, encouraging us to make an impact with a click of a button; the popularity of social networking sites that help bridge geographical distances and cultural differences. Although these examples are generalizations, they help illustrate the societal/global influence of Uranus transits.

On a personal level, Uranus is like a rebellious inner child that resides in all of us -- seeking freedom, protecting the unique individual, brainstorming ideas on how to create and implement the changes required for forward movement. When Uranus is retrograde, the focus/energy of this rebellious inner child turn inward. How do I attain/re-attain the personal freedom I seek/I've lost? How do I gain/regain my individuality? How do I exact the changes necessary to move me closer to my goals?

For me, as a Cancer-Sun, this retrograde falls in my solar 10th house of professional pursuits and future goals; and Virgo-rising, influences my natal 8th house of finances and personal transformation while Uranus actually transits my 7th house of partnerships.

How might Uranus' retrograde motion influence your world? Look to the solar house governed by Aries or if you have your natal chart, look at where 0° 39' to 4° 34' of Aries falls in your chart. This is the area Uranus will cover during his retrograde period. Plus, those who have natal planets or house angles at 0° to 5° of Aries back may get more of workout during Uranus' retrograde cycle.

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Farewell shot of crescent Uranus as Voyager 2 departs. January 25, 1986. Range 600,000 miles. Image credit and copyright to NASA.

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