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Mercury in Virgo ~ July 28 to August 8, 2011

Grand Central Terminal. Hercules (left), Mercury (center), and Minerva (right) via Wikipedia

Mercury zips through Leo and enters his home sign, Virgo. In the analytical and practical sign of Virgo, Mercury is dignified by rulership (Virgo is governed by Mercury) and by exaltation (best placement for optimum potential). Mercury governs all manners of thinking, communicating, transportation, and commerce. In Leo, he is bold and magnanimous. In Virgo, Mercury is analytical, discriminating, detailed, mentally organized, and practical.

During Mercury's transit in Virgo is an ideal period to take advantage of focusing on the day to day, getting those minute everyday details under control, and taken care of. The mundane chores that leave little to be desired but require handling and completion are what we need to tackle these next few weeks. This is also a period ideal for planning. Time to fine-tune ideas or tweak the step by step detailed action plan. In Virgo, Mercury's organized and practical mind can draw up plans with exacting details and alternate avenues to take for anticipated obstacles.

Have an idea? This is the time to formulate how to get it off the ground or determine if it's feasible. Have a project? Mercury in Virgo can help break down complex concepts into manageable steps. Even those of us who are most impatient and easily bored might find this period a time when we can somewhat appreciate the meticulous details that help make up the success of the whole.

This year, Mercury enters Virgo on July 28th at Merc in Virgo at 10:59 a.m. PDT / 1:59 p.m. EDT; retrogrades on August 2nd; revisits Leo August 8th; then re-enters Virgo on September 8th to stay until September 25th. Also today, Venus changed signs earlier today to begin her transit in Leo.

How might Mercury's transit in Virgo influence on your world? Look to the Virgo-ruled house/s in your birth chart. Match the sign with the house cusp/s on your birth chart. Use the list of zodiac signs below to identify the Virgo zodiac sign on your birth chart then click here for a brief explanation of Mercury transiting those houses.

zodiac signs

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For those without a birth chart, you may use your Sun sign or Rising/Ascendant sign, if you know it. Look for them below then click here for a brief explanation of Mercury's transit in those houses.
  • Aries-Sun or Aries-Rising ~ 6th house
  • Taurus-Sun or Taurus Rising ~ 5th house
  • Gemini-Sun or Gemini-Rising ~ 4th house
  • Cancer-Sun or Cancer-Rising ~ 3rd house
  • Leo-Sun or Leo-Rising ~ 2nd house
  • Virgo-Sun or Virgo-Rising ~ 1st house
  • Libra-Sun or Libra-Rising ~ 12th houses
  • Scorpio-Sun or Scorpio-Rising ~ 11th house
  • Sagittarius-Sun or Sagittarius-Rising ~ 10th house
  • Capricorn-Sun or Capricorn-Rising ~ 9th house
  • Aquarius-Sun or Aquarius-Rising ~ 8th house
  • Pisces-Sun or Pisces-Rising ~ 7th house

Alternatively, you may cast your own birth chart at for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required.

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What significance do planets, signs, and houses have in astrology? Planets have the function, the job to do. The style/manner they will use get that job done is defined by the zodiac sign they occupy. Where in our life the job gets done is determined by the house the planet occupies/transits. So, when Mars (aggression) is in Aries (bold), he is more assertive than when he is in Cancer (sensitive). When traveling through the 10th house (professional life), he may bring his confidence and motivation in matters relating to our career. While in the 11th house (friendships), we may be more inclined to having our social calendar packed with activities. Having the foresight for what may be coming up or receiving confirmation on what may be happening now are ways astrology can be beneficial ... as above, so below.

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Grand Central Terminal. Hercules (left), Mercury (center), and Minerva (right) via Wikipedia.

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