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LuvScopes Posted! ~ January 28 to 30, 2011

Heart Cookies via Spot Dessert Bar

*Day/time references are North America PST.

The Sagittarius-Moon (adventurous heart) makes a lovely angle to Mars (action/drive) on Friday night and a beautiful connection with Venus (love/harmony) on Saturday night. Those staying out into the wee hours of the night will also get a feel for the Moon's friendly link with Neptune (hope/dreams).

By the time we wake Sunday morning, the previous evening's fun seem far away as the Moon takes on a more serious, less frivolous tone in Capricorn. Jupiter (luck/happiness) may try to lighten things up mid-morning. But my early evening, the Moon blends energies with Pluto (elimination) which provides the bridge between the end of the weekend and the beginning of the new work week.


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Heart Cookies - image and copyright to Spot Dessert Bar, New York.

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