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LuvScopes Posted! ~ January 14 to 16, 2011

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Birds in flight credit to Melissa Staples via FYeah Photographics
*Day/time references are North America PST.

We may feel the need to cling to what's comfortable and familiar with the Moon (heart/inner core) in Taurus and as Mars (drive/motivation) moves through the final degrees of Capricorn as the work week closes and weekend begins.

By the time we wake Saturday, the Moon will have left Taurus for the more social sign of Gemini. Gone is the need for laying low and feeling secure in our surroundings. We're up and about, ready to take on the weekend with a smile and conversation :)

By afternoon, Mars begins his transit in fellow air sign Aquarius, where anything can happen! Surprises around the corner. Forget about making plans. Just go with the flow, especially with the Moon opposing Venus (love/relationships) late Saturday evening. Flexibility becomes a must for the rest of the weekend, as the Moon and Saturn (limitations/reality) link up mid-day on Sunday.


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Birds in flight form a heart. Photo copyright and credit to Melissa Staples via FYeah Photographics.

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