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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. Image via NASA

Where did 2010 go? It flew by, superfly fast!! 2010 was filled with surprises for me (mostly good but some, not so good) and a lot of changes (most of which I initiated, and some thrust upon me ... although a few of those have proven worthwhile and necessary for my own personal growth). It's been a good year, overall, though incredibly trying at times. I'm sure that I am not alone in this and that it's been somewhat similar for a lot of you as well :) Anyway, as the year came to a close, a new set of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius began with the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. We'll remain under the umbrella of this energy as late as June 2011, with the energy waning as we move further into 2011.

So, what might 2011 have in store for us? Celestially speaking, of course :) Well, for starters, some of us may have "rewards" coming from the powerful planetary alignments that occurred June to August 2010. What might have begun then may be finishing as we enter the new year. Perhaps, an idea or plan came together but, for whatever reason, no actions were taken. Then, the first few months into 2011 would be an ideal time to pick up where you left off.

Here are some astrological events to look out for in 2011:

  • January 4 ~ Jupiter Conjunct Uranus after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Individually, they are already a force, but together and occurring within hours of each other, gives the year a supercharged "go for it" energy!
  • January 22 ~ Jupiter finishes what he started last year and transits Aries from January 22 to June 4, then visits Taurus for the remainder of the year. Yey! for Taureans, especially those born in April. Taurus-risings also benefit as Taurus-Suns would, especially those early-degree Taurus-risings. To find out your Rising/Ascendant sign, cast a free birth chart at
  • January 25 ~ Saturn Retrograde
  • February 8 ~ Chiron re-enters Pisces and stays put for another 7 years. Chiron first tested Piscean waters from April 20 to July 20, 2010.
  • February 25 ~ Jupiter square Pluto. This is a reprise of their same alignment last year, when they were a part of the Cardinal T-Square. It was strongest in July 2010, but energy was building as early as late May 2010, and together with the other cardinal energy influences, lasted through September 2010. We remain somewhat under the umbrella of this cardinal force; albeit, less intense than mid-2010.
  • March 11 ~ Uranus re-enters and gets situated in Aries for approximately next 7 years! He first tested out the impulsive Arien energy from May 27 to August 13, 2010.
  • March 28 ~ Jupiter oppose Saturn-rx triggers their previous opposition on May 23, 2010, which occurred in the late degrees of mutable signs, Pisces and Virgo, respectively. The difference in their 2011 meeting is that it's happening in cardinal signs, a more active, dynamic, forceful energy than mutable signs.
  • April 4 ~ Neptune briefly comes home to Pisces until early August before returning to Aquarius for the last time.
  • April 9 ~ Pluto Retrograde
  • June 1, June 15 and July 1 ~ Eclipses (June 1 - Solar Eclipse in Gemini; June 15 - Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius; July 1 - Solar Eclipse in Cancer, the last of the Cancer-Capricorn set of eclipses that began in 2009)
  • June 8 ~ Chiron Retrograde
  • June to July ~ a series of Jupiter connections with slower moving celestial bodies, making them somewhat optimistic events. Jupiter sextile Neptune on June 8; sextile Chiron on July 2, then again on December 6; trine Pluto on July 7, and again October 28
  • June 3 ~ Neptune Retrograde
  • June 4 ~ Jupiter in Taurus for the remainder of the year. Live large, Taurus-Suns and Risings!
  • June 12 ~ Saturn Direct
  • July 9 ~ Uranus Retrograde
  • August 4 ~ Neptune returns to Aquarius for the remainder of the year
  • August 30 ~ Jupiter Retrograde
  • September 16 ~ Pluto Direct
  • October 28 ~ Jupiter trine Pluto, triggers events/energy when they last linked up early July 2011
  • November 9 & 10 ~ Neptune and Chiron Direct, respectively
  • November 25 & December 10 ~ Eclipses (November 25 - Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius; December 10 - Lunar Eclipse in Gemini)
  • December 6 ~ Jupiter-rx sextile Chiron, triggers events/energy when they last linked up early July 2011
  • December 9 ~ Uranus Direct
  • December 25 ~ Jupiter Direct
2011 Mercury Retrograde ~ keep in mind that about 3 days within the start & end dates can be extra challenging days. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, delays, technical malfunctions, etc. are all common during a Mercury retrograde so, make allowances when and where you are able to -- March 30 to April 23; August 2 to 26; November 23 to December 13.

As for me, Pluto continues to oppose my Sun & square my Uranus for 2011, while Uranus gets ever so close to squaring my Sun & opposing my Uranus mid-year around the time Pluto's opposition perfects. On the upside the Uranus transits won't exact until 2012, even if I remain under its umbrella of 'chaos' for most of 2011. Transiting Chiron is also conjunct my North Node this year...should be interesting. Hmm..., those Uranus transits are menacing though. I'll have to keep a look out for that. In any case, my transformation continues :)

As always, I'm available for personal consultations. Schedule a session or buy a loved one the gift of insight.

Have a fantastic 2011 filled with love, light, prosperity and joy! Namaste.

Image credit and copyright to NASA.

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