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Venus Retrograde ~ Oct. 8 to Nov. 18, 2010

Venus Unveiled copyright to Magellan Project, NASA

My very first post on this blog was last year's Venus retrograde. Has it been 18 months already?! Time flies ...

Venus retrogrades about every 18 months. Her last retrograde cycle was March 9 to April 17, 2009 in the sign of Aries. This time around Venus retrogrades from October 8 to November 18. She stations at 13 degrees of Scorpio, revisiting all the way back to 17 degrees of Libra. Venus returns to Libra on November 7 and re-enters Scorpio on November 29 to stay until January 7, 2011.

Venus represents our relationships (all types -- intimate, platonic, family and that with the self), our material wealth, our value system/s, our self-worth, our capacity to see beauty in the world, and our desires.

As with any retrograde planet, this period is a time for the prefix "re" -- reflection, reconnecting, reviewing relationships, redefining worth, and re-examining value system. So reassess, as necessary and as much as you want, but avoid making any major financial, relationship or other life-changing decisions during this period. You might just have a change of heart later.

When Venus is retrograde, it's a time to reflect upon issues related to our relationships, finances and self-worth. In Scorpio, Venus' focus may be in "value" -- what this object, person, belief is worth? how much influence does it have on the self? is this influence a positive one that nurtures personal growth or provides true happiness? what attachments (material or otherwise) do we cling to and why? In Libra, Venus's focus may in our relationships -- how do they enhance or limit our lives? how does the dynamic of this relationship promote self-growth?

This retrograde cycle happens while Saturn (maturity/reality) is also in Libra, which happens to be one of the signs that Venus governs. Saturn in Libra teaches us about our relationships by showing us the reality of our situations, the flaws within these partnerships and the cracks on the foundation that these relationships are built on. Through gaining a full understanding of what truly is, we're able to assess our situation with sobering honesty that, ideally, should help us make wiser decisions going forward.

Venus' retrograde cycle might pose more challenges to those with natal personal planets or house angles within the degrees of Scorpio and Libra that she'll be revisiting, especially on or around the station days (October 8 & November 18). Those with natal Saturn between 8 and 13 degrees of Libra may also find this to be an extra difficult period because you are also going through your Saturn Return. Those with their Libra-Sun and Ascendant at 8 to 13 degrees of Libra would also be subjected to Saturn conjunct (blending energies) with their Sun/Ascendant, while their Sun/Ascendant ruler, Venus, is retrograde and extra introspective.

For me, as a Virgo-rising, this Venus' retrograde cycle falls in my natal 1st (self/potential) and natal 2nd (income/values) houses with Libra governing my natal 2nd house. Ouch! It's never fun when any transiting planets retrograde in your income house, but even more unpleasant when it's the money planet retrograde in your money house. My natal Jupiter is station direct right on the cusp of my natal 2nd house and trine my natal Midheaven so, I am guilty of splurging here and there and, at times, being overly optimistic with future plans. Saturn's current transit through my natal 1st house has been and continues to be a great, big dose of reality :) especially with Pluto still opposing my Sun for quite some time. This Venus retrograde continues my pruning and purging (Pluto oppose my Sun) and cutting off excess (Saturn in Libra) materially, emotionally and spiritually.

How might Venus' retrograde period influence you? Look to the astrological house/s where 17 degrees of Libra to 13 degrees of Scorpio fall into. This should give you an idea of where in your life this retrograde might manifest and/or where you can make the most of its energy. If you don't have your birth chart handy, cast your own -- birth date, time and place required.

Alternatively, I am available for personal consultations. Schedule your session for a 3-chart package, Solar Return (birthdays), Saturn Return (major life event) or Synastry (relationships) reading. I can also tailor a reading to fit a client's needs -- request a quote. Or you might also consider giving a loved one the gift of insight.

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"Venus Unveiled"- image credit and copyright to Magellan Project, NASA.

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