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WeeklyScopes Posted! ~ Aug. 30 to Sep. 5, 2010

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WeeklyScopes ~ August 30 to September 5, 2010

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August 30, 2010

Hello friends,

I received a few emails this morning that some of you have had some problems getting on the site. I've copied and pasted this week's horoscopes below. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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WeeklyScopes ~ August 30 to September 5, 2010

ARIES ~ You have an opportunity to solidify some plans, think some things through, identify what's important to you and decide whether or not you're investing enough of your time and energy on that which you truly value in life. Tall order for one week? Just aim to get things sorted out. Know now. Decide/act later.

TAURUS ~ There's a way around or through what restricts you now. Start with a simple shift in perspective. If you know what you can't do/can't have or where you can't go, then look beyond those things and switch your focus elsewhere. You'll need to quit wasting your energy by banging yourself against the same wall if you're to change your situation.

GEMINI ~ Whatever may have held you back recently was just that -- a temporary set back or, perhaps, a chance to dot all your i's and cross t's you may have previously missed doing. You have the opportunity this week to make do of your what you've planned on or promised. The difficulty may lie in which to do or act on first. Decisions, decisions.

CANCER ~ Things are not as they seem. Attune yourself to your intuitive abilities this week. Logic and reason may not be enough to give you the clarity or understanding you need to muddle through the week. Communication may be compromised so, be sure to choose your words wisely and choose to speak up instead of holding things in.

LEO ~ Pace yourself this week. If something isn't budging no matter how much coaxing or hard work you've put into it, don't force it. Redirect your attention and energy toward another item on your to-do list. There's much to be done at work and at home. Delegate, if you have the resources. Avoid any major decisions until all the facts are in.

VIRGO ~ You have the future in mind. Although, you can't help but reflect upon the more important decisions you've made in the past few weeks/months with regards to life, love, career, finances … This reflection isn't a time to regret having done or not done something. It's a time to take stock at what worked/what didn't and come up with Plan B.

LIBRA ~ Think big and outside the box. Don't be afraid to rustle some feathers, even if they're your own. There's no hurry to act upon anything now. Let whatever's brewing marinate some more. Soon, your next steps will be more clearly laid out for you and deciding “what next” should be a bit easier. Keep your focus on what outcome you'd like and that should help with the deciding factor.

SCORPIO ~ Something's got to give. You may not be too keen on giving up something or someone. But the more determined and focus you are, the more unpleasant or unbearable a particular situation becomes. Some things are beyond your control. You'll need to be okay with that and let go of what you have little or no control over.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Taking the high road may be the more noble approach but sometimes all you really want is to give them their just desserts. Immediate satisfaction can be, oh, so delicious. Should you choose to go for the jugular, just make sure you have all the correct pertinent information and that your ducks are all lined up in a row. With Mercury retrograde, misinformation and misinterpretation must be considered.

CAPRICORN ~ A busy week. A lot of little things need to get done. But you may be feeling less like yourself and a bit out of sorts which makes all that you need to accomplish this week even more challenging. Concentrate on what needs to get done instead of the situation you find yourself in. One by one and slow but surely, you'll make it through.

AQUARIUS ~ Jump right into it. Go on. Logic and reason don't always have a place when passions run high. May it be in love, personal projects you wholeheartedly believe in or embracing life, in general, do so with gusto. Careful, however, with financially-related matters. There may be information not yet available to you or some misrepresentation occurring.

PISCES ~ Family first. If your far from home or family, reconnect with parents, grandparents, or siblings this week. It'll be surprising how much hearing their voice, laughter and concerns soothe the heart and soul. Alternatively, those who have had it with your spouses, children or parents, broaden your heart and expand your mind enough to see them through different lenses. Consider putting yourself in their shoes and looking through the world through their perspective.

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