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WeeklyScopes ~ August 23 to 29, 2010

Hello friends,

This week's horoscopes, that's usually posted at, will be posted here. The Satori Nation site was going through its site maintenance around the time I was getting ready to post WeeklyScopes for the week beginning August 23. And today, I'm unable to login without getting a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" error message. I will duplicate the post at Satori Nation when I get a chance. Blame it on Mercury Retrograde? :)


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WeeklyScopes ~ August 23 to 29

* Days and times reflect North America PST

ARIES ~ There's always room for speculation. Has something truly ended or is it just quiet for now and will be revisited later? If complete closure or disclosure isn't necessary right now, then go ahead and let things marinate. Otherwise, probe for the information you seek and make sure you understand the whole situation and depth of things before making any final decisions/actions.

TAURUS ~ Priorities change. Giving up some attachments (material, conceptual or relational) to accommodate for something else or someone else may be a necessary thing at this juncture in your life. It isn't so much what (or maybe who) you are giving up that is difficult but the fact that you must let go/make a sacrifice altogether. But remember -- when one door closes, another opens.

GEMINI ~ You've given it all you've got to give. Yet, results are disappointing. You planned well enough, applied wisdom, were patient when you needed to be and sought counsel when there was uncertainty. What came about is sorely lacking from expectations but does not necessarily feel like a complete failure. It isn't always about the destination but the journey that matters more. What has this journey taught you? enlightened you with?

CANCER ~ What you've been so sure about, you now find yourself questioning. But what are you really questioning? Given the same situation and within the same parameters, would you have done things differently? Maybe it isn't your past actions/decisions you are unsure of. Perhaps, it's where to go from here. Shift your perspective and ask yourself the right questions that gets you unstuck.

LEO ~ There's no such thing as perfect and yet there continues to be a fascination for striving towards it. It's upsetting and frustrating when situations and events unfold beyond our control, beyond our reach. Perhaps, the universe would like you to consider 'surrender' … Maybe it's in surrendering that you realize everything right now is as it should. You're in the right place and on the right path.

VIRGO ~ Actions often speak louder than words. But what we do doesn't always reflect what we truly want. There's a disconnect somewhere between what the heart desires and how the mind processes that information before deciding upon how to best express it. Sometimes the truest expressions are ones made impulsively and passionately, without the censorship of thought.

LIBRA ~ Boundaries. Create them this week. There are those who seek your help but at a great cost to your own happiness or wellbeing. Do what you must but know when enough is enough. You opt for fairness and objectivity in handling situations. However, you tend to forget to add yourself as someone who also needs to be treated justly.

SCORPIO ~ It doesn't always feel like it but you really do have help. Your own individual effort, especially when enveloped with conceptual volition, is met halfway but unseen forces. If it's hard to wrap the head around that concept, then don't try to force understanding it. Just be reminded that we are co-creators of our own reality. Thoughts matter. So, couple actions with thoughts focused on what you'd like to manifest.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Obligations aren't too much fun. They can be restricting to freedom in doing whatever, whenever, however and with whomever. But they are also grounding and can give a sense of purpose -- that what you're doing has meaning and benefits another/others. There's also a sense of fulfillment in having achieved something. What ties us down can also be what helps us soar to that which is greater than the self and its whims.

CAPRICORN ~ There's not much sense in beating a dead horse or crying over already spilled milk. Your time and energy could be expended in more useful ways and toward something more deserving. Focus your mind and intent on what you can actively do something about. When all is said and done, you'll be more satisfied with yourself if your efforts produced results or were spent in a productive fashion.

AQUARIUS ~ There is a reason and season for everything. We may not always (consciously) know the how, why, or what of it all, but right now there's a sense of closure to something you may not necessarily be ready to end just yet. Don't fight it too much or try to logically figure it out. Instead, entertain that feeling/sense that there is something beginning, stirring deep within the self. Probe into that might lead you.

PISCES ~ Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Exhale ever so slowly. With that exhale, you have released a great, big burden you've been carrying. Losing that load, however, makes you wonder or worry about 'what next?' Well, what's next is whatever you make of it. Intentions behind thoughts and actions make a bigger difference than you might imagine. So, focus on what you want, not what you've left behind.

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