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LuvScopes Posted! ~ August 13 to 15, 2010

*Day/time references are North America PST.

The weekend starts off with Uranus revisiting Pisces on Friday night, where he'll stay until March 2011. The Moon spends time in the relationships sign of Libra on Friday and part of Sunday. She joins Venus (love), Mars (sex) and Saturn (reality) in Libra to help Venus and Mars lighten Saturn's mood, while he shows us truth and other issues of a serious nature.

By Sunday early evening, the Moon gets passionate in Scorpio where what you see is very rarely all that you'll get. There's a tendency to keep private or keep secrets. Unless it's a surprise party for your sweetie, 'fess up because a Scorpio-Moon will ferret out whatever lies beneath the surface, especially with Mercury (communication) in tenacious Virgo.


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