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Cancer-Moon Oppose Pluto at Aries Point

Pluto. Credit and Copyright to InertiaK at inertiak.deviantart.comEach month starting with August until October, while Pluto is at Aries Point in Capricorn, the Moon's homecoming to Cancer is bittersweet, as she quickly opposes Pluto upon entering her home sign. Imagine being away from home for three and a half weeks each month, only to come home to tension and disharmony. The first few hours are filled with questions -- what's going on? where are you going? where have you been? why were such decisions made? don't know? figure it out -- when all the while, a beverage and some R&R is all that's longed for. Oh, the frustration ...

Fortunately, the effects only lasts a few hours but discoveries made may have longer term influence which, if not immediate then in the long run, will prove to be beneficial.

We are encouraged (maybe more like forced), to release this tension by digging deep (Pluto) through past memories of family, roots, emotional security or instability (Cancer-Moon) to determine established structure, beliefs, ways of doing things or thinking (Capricorn) that may need a renewal in order to harmonized/balance (opposition) the present self living the present life with the person we were and the life we led. In the process, we gain true control of our life, our direction, our motivation strengthened by a new foundation built on the acceptance of past experiences/lessons learned and the aspirations of the present.

Let's take a look at when these events will occur. Dates and ingress times reflect Eastern time zone. For those in other parts of the world lucky enough for this opposition to happen while slumbering, you may give a sigh of relief but consider that this influence may manifest as dreams. Influence strong +/- 5 hours.

  • Sunday, August 16 at 9:13 a.m. (opposition peaks at 10:35 a.m.) ~ This opposition with the Cancer-Moon and Pluto occurs during a series of days when Gemini-Mars and the Leo-Sun link up to the benefic triple conjunction. Our ego and potential (Sun) seeks balance with our ideals, hopefulness and capacity to let go in order to move forward (triple conjunction); our well-intentioned actions (Mars) are blessed and supported (triple conjunction). Elsewhere in the sky, alignments that are gaining strength and perfecting the following day add weight to this Moon-Pluto opposition. Mercury moves closer to blend energies with Saturn. Both are in practical, analytical Virgo, giving our minds the important task of weeding out what's important, necessary and doable from what's frivolous or currently unfavorable for us. The Leo-Sun's opposition to Neptune grows closer, inspiring us to expand our interests and focus to what is beneficial for the greater good.

  • Saturday, September 12 at 4:19 p.m. (opposition peaks at 5:27 p.m.) ~ While our inner self is searching for answers in order to achieve balance, Virgo-Saturn and Aquarius-Neptune are quincunx and adds to the tension already felt within our deepest core. In moments of greatest difficulty, take a deep breath, release the grip, and let go of the need for control. By adjusting (quincunx) our usual ways (Virgo-Saturn), we open the self to receive the awareness/enlightenment (Aquarius-Neptune) necessary to the empowerment offered by the Moon and Pluto opposition.

  • Friday, October 9 at 9:48 p.m. (opposition peaks at 11:17 p.m.) ~ Today may be extra trying on money matters and/or our relationships, including that we have with the self. Adding to the tension between the Moon and Pluto is Venus (relationships/money/self-worth), as she opposes Uranus (awareness/radical changes) and is quincunx Neptune (dreams/enlightenment). Re-assessing our financial situation -- We may be forced to re-do our budget or create one because of a change in income. Coping with troubled relationship -- We may have to cut existing relationships out of our lives or may find ourselves thrust into a new relationship or new type of relationship. Perhaps it is our relationship with the self that is the main focus -- our self-worth, our value system, who we are when we are in a relationship and if that remains true to we are as individuals. Whatever the case may be, be open to receive despite messages being harsh or disheartening. Once the unpleasantness of a situation is acknowledged, accept them despite the initial urge to push away or deny. It is through acceptance that opens windows of opportunities.

Although an opposition is not the easiest energy to deal with, it helps to know that the key is balance -- seeing both sides and accepting them as true and valuable in their own way. One side does not need to overpower the other. Instead, both sides play their own key roles within the whole. It is interesting that all three of the Moon-Pluto opposition dates have a Neptunian influence surrounding their energy. Make it a point to yield to the intuitive self on these dates and see what Neptune's insightfulness has in store for you.

Those with natal Moon-Pluto alignments; or those born in the early days of Scorpio or Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn); or have natal planets/house angles within 0-1 degree of Cardinal signs may feel this opposition more strongly than others.

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Illustration courtesy of InertiaK.

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