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A Day To Remember!

Today, on the day before the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, my day began similar to most days -- with saying hello to my Twitter pals. Then something a little different. Along with millions of people around the world on Twitter and Facebook, I wished my President a Happy Birthday. I thought that was an exciting addition to my day -- being able to give the President of the United States a birthday shout out.

Little did I know that Former President Bill Clinton would negotiate and secure the release of American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who have been jailed in North Korea since March.

It was around 3 p.m. Eastern time when I read the following tweet:
BreakingNews URGENT -- North Korea has released two U.S. journalists after Kim Jong-il issued a "special pardon."The news brought a big sigh of relief, followed by overwhelming happiness for the Ling-Lee families, then a quiet sense of "rightness" with the world ... that perhaps, despite all that's ugly, wrong, evil, unfair with the world we currently live in, there truly IS always HOPE.

Then, about an hour later, as more tweets and re-tweets are posted regarding the Ling-Lee release, I received the following tweet from one of my Twitter pals which mirrored the very thoughts swimming in my mind:
AstroVerena @astrogrrl -wow!these are great news and they're breaking with the Moon in Capricorn opposite the degree of the solar eclipse (29+)!!!As an astrologer, I can't help but be thrilled, awakened, and filled with curiosity. The Lunar Eclipse falling the day after President Obama's birthday was, for me, a promising sign for success in the changes and forward movement to come through his administration (Astrologer, Mandi Lockley has a great write-up on this -- click here to read).

Coupled with the news of Laura and Euna which was announced as the Capricorn-Moon approached the same degree that the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, the most powerful eclipse this century, occupied only two weeks prior and that the current Moon now opposes, is more than interesting! Negotiations that led to their release occurred while in the new moon phase of this super charged solar eclipse. In the following days/weeks/months, I'll most likely look into it more, especially as more of the women's stories and details of their release are uncovered. I must keep my eyes peeled, mind alert, and spirit aware as events in these coming months unfold until the next Cancer-Lunar Eclipse in December. It's a good study, and I can't wait to see where the research takes me.

This is not a typical post for me, but these are exciting times with inspiring events still to come for both our tangible world and in astrology. I just had to share my elation :)

Just added -- a video of their homecoming the following day, August 5.

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