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Sun in Leo ~ July 22 to Aug. 22, 2009

Just 14 hours after, what may be the most powerful eclipse in this century and while we, earthlings, are still reeling from its effects (some more than others), the Sun follows the Moon and Mercury to its home sign of Leo. The Sun represents the self, our conscious will, our vitality, and unrealized but inherent talents. In Cancer, the Sun's focus is in the inner workings of the self. In Leo, the Sun shines its vital energies on self-expression, creative projects, and children.

Being the native ruler of Leo, the Sun is dignified in this zodiac sign. The Sun enters Leo on July 22 at 12:36 p.m. Eastern, where he will remain until August 22.

At best, the Sun in Leo is impressive, regal, strong-willed, a natural leader, ambitious, confident, dramatic, and generous. At worst, it is stubborn, narcissistic, melodramatic, and arrogant. While the Sun is in Leo, we are encouraged to find the lion/lioness within each of us -- speak our mind, be creative, confident, and enterprising.

On the day the Sun moves into Leo, the Leo-Moon (emotional core) blends energies with Mercury (thinking/communicating). Our thoughts match our inner drives, and we speak from the heart. May we remember to always be true to ourselves by owning our emotions/instinctive drives and standing up for them and giving them voice.

Elsewhere in the sky, we are offered another look at our deeply-rooted hurts and a chance to let them go as Jupiter (ideals/opportunities) and Chiron (wounds/healing) link up once again. With the power of the solar eclipse at their heels, success is imminent. All we need is awareness and resolve; we're already being given the opportunity.

While visiting Leo, the Sun will connect with the following planets and the new/full moon dates will fall on (all dates reflect Eastern time; +/-2 days life span of influence except for new/full moon=2 weeks and eclipses=up to 6 months):
  • July 23 ~ Sun quincunx Pluto. Uncovered anything about yourself recently? Maybe something long forgotten or intentionally forgotten? The Leo-Moon (emotional core) aligned with Capricorn-Pluto (transformative/destructive) very early yesterday, right after the new moon/solar eclipse. Now, the Leo-Sun (conscious will) follows suit and perfects the same alignment with Pluto. All are in willful zodiac signs. Pluto's energy urges us to dig deep, get to the source, and push it out into the open. The previous night's new moon energy permeates still, urging us to embrace the changes that lie in wait. Rediscover/reveal (Pluto) what drives the heart (Moon) and soul (Sun). Commit to the work required (Capricorn) with unrelenting determination and courage (Leo).

  • July 26 ~ Sun-Moon trine. Head (Sun) and heart (Moon) in agreement. This favorable energy is reinforced by Venus' (love/money/self-worth) harmonious link to the Triple Conjunction ~ Jupiter (ideals), Chiron (wounds/healing), and Neptune (transcendence). Make the most of this day by staying true to who you are; each thought, each decision, each action reflecting motivations rooted from the heart and soul.

  • August 5 ~ Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. The last of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series that began February 2008. (Click here for article)

  • August 14-17 ~ Sun oppose the Triple Conjunction; sextile Mars; and quincunx Uranus. These few days are jam-packed with mad, crazy energy! It's electric, impatient, frustrating, and tense but incites excitement and hopefulness at the same time. We are urged to seek balance (oppositions), make adjustments (quincunx), and accept the opportunities (sextile) offered to us. We are to find harmony between our conscious will (Sun) and our hopes (Jupiter), dreams (Neptune), and deeply-rooted wounds that we struggle to heal (Chiron) believing they will allow us to forge ahead (Mars) and lead a life radically changed, much improved (Uranus), and a reflection of our desires. These alignments have a longer-term effect than just these few days, especially with Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Uranus all currently in retrograde motion. We are set to revisit the energies of this period, as each individual planets begin forward movement once more, later this year and into next year. Those born on or around February 10-15, May 12-17, August 13-19, and November 14-19 may be influenced by these celestial alignments more so than others. (Click here for article on Mars' alignments to the Triple Conjunction & Uranus)

  • August 20 ~ New Moon in Leo. At 6:01 a.m. Eastern, the Moon becomes new, offering us all a chance at a clean slate, beginnings, renewals. This new moon occurs at 27 degrees in Leo. (New Moon in Leo article)

Where will this Sun's transit fall on your birth chart? Look to the natal house/s ruled by Leo. Match the sign with the house cusps on your birth chart. Use the list of zodiac signs below to identify the Leo zodiac sign on your birth chart then click here for a brief explanation.

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For those without a birth chart, you may use your Sun sign or Rising/Ascendant sign, if you know it. Look for your Sun and Rising signs below then click here for an explanation.
  • Aries-Sun or Aries-Rising ~ 5th house
  • Taurus-Sun or Taurus Rising ~ 4th house
  • Gemini-Sun or Gemini-Rising ~ 3rd house
  • Cancer-Sun or Cancer-Rising ~ 2nd house
  • Leo-Sun or Leo-Rising ~ 1st house
  • Virgo-Sun or Virgo-Rising ~ 12th house
  • Libra-Sun or Libra-Rising ~ 11th houses
  • Scorpio-Sun or Scorpio-Rising ~ 10th house
  • Sagittarius-Sun or Sagittarius-Rising ~ 9th house
  • Capricorn-Sun or Capricorn-Rising ~ 8th house
  • Aquarius-Sun or Aquarius-Rising ~ 7th house
  • Pisces-Sun or Pisces-Rising ~ 6th house
Alternatively, you may cast your own birth chart by clicking here (opens a new window) -- birth date, time, and place required. Or request a quote for a personalized reading.

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"Leo Goddess" illustration courtesy of RoseThorn33.

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