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WeeklyScopes ~ March 1 to 7, 2010

*Day/time references are North America EST. Photo source unknown.

Wow, March already! Even with Mars retrograde, this year is just flying least, it is for me. It's a very Mercurial (communication) and Venusian (relationships) week, as both change signs this week and make connections with other celestial bodies in the heavens.

Mercury starts off March and the week leaving the extroverted sign of Aquarius for the more private sign of Pisces early Monday morning. He then proceeds to get belligerent with Mars and Saturn, who are both still retrograde. So, luckily for Mercury, Mars and Saturn are currently introspective, just like the sign of Pisces. Instead of an all out screaming match, the week begins with thoughtful reflection on what we're doing (Mars) and why we're doing it (Saturn). By mid-week, Venus gets naughty with Uranus and all bets are off. In Pisces, both Venus and Uranus may be more subdued but the need to break out from “the usual” is just as great. Some might do a little impulsive shopping. Others might surprise the object of their affection with a spontaneous treat. With Mercury and Pluto also happily hanging out, some unexpected news may be revealed or secrets uncovered. *shhh*

Sunday brings us Venus' entrance in Aries. For weeks, she's been uber sweet and well-behaved in Pisces. Now, as soon as she makes her appearance in Aries, she moves in and gets her flirt on with Mars! Mercury blending energies with Jupiter suggest a fun, happy time to be had by all. Forgiveness comes easy. Overlooking flaws or offenses is automatic. If apologies are in order, today is an ideal day for groveling. Do it with sincerity, however. Mercury in Pisces is intuitive enough to recognize disingenuous gestures.

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Aries-Sun or Rising ~ Truly listen to others this week, especially your loved one. Some things need to be said, heard, discussed and decided upon. By the way, listening means not talking over someone who's already talking and not mentally deciding upon what's being said before the actual discussion is over. You might have to dig deep to find your patience but make sure to use it. Venus arriving in your sign at end of the week is a welcome change from all this passive energy around.

Taurus-Sun or Rising ~ Watch out for drama unfolding. Perhaps you might be privy to something *hush hush* in which case, keep it so. It will most likely be exposed soon enough, and you certainly don't want to be known as the leak. If you're feeling he itch for shopping or just can't let a “sale” go unrecognized, grab a responsible who might help you keep some cash in your wallet or are you a plastic user? :) Keep aware of what you're buying. With Venus and Uranus coming together, you may just find yourself with purchases that leave you wondering “wth?” next week.

Gemini-Sun or Rising ~ You enjoy a bit of gossip as much as the next person. Just be careful what fills your conversations this week, especially if the news is work-related. Love relationship may be foggy earlier in the week. You might not be sure what's being asked of you or expected of you or what you might have said/done to merit the situation you now find yourself in. No worries. In a day or two, communications will be more fluid and the fog might be lifted just enough to figure out what's what. Single Geminis, Venus entering your house of friendships on Sunday could signal finding a love connection within your circle of friends now and in the weeks to come.

Cancer-Sun or Rising ~ Expand your mind this week. Be mindful of the “quieter” times. Enjoy the silence. If a little spontaneous travel is doable, go ahead and take a short getaway. Venus enters your career house later this week and next week Mars begins moving forward, lifting blockages with regards to income. So, busy work days ahead and finally, right? Cancers, who are self-employed or business owners, may have really felt the influence of this Mars retrograde. Hang in there...

Leo-Sun or Rising ~ If it seems like your being tested, there might be some truth in that so, tread lightly. Mercury might be stirring up some things with Mars, who is still a bit repressed in your sign. Mercury is stirring up trouble with Saturn as well, who is in your house of thought and communication. So there might be a slight misunderstanding or critical information missing for you to make any kind of judgement. More clarity may be gathered by mid-week. Enjoy the weekend when Venus gets happy with Mars.

Virgo-Sun or Rising ~ The past has a way of creeping up just when you least expect it. Sometimes, however, a peek into the past enlightens something in the present. Be discerning this week of glimpses from the past that somehow sheds understanding on what you're currently going through. Virgos who are in a business partnership can use the sky's happenings this week to talk business – financial status, marketing plan, revising the business model, etc. Coupled up Virgos can enjoy Mercury and Jupiter joining forces in your relationships house this weekend.

Libra-Sun or Rising ~ Busy work week. Where to begin?! Well, stay focused, do each task one after another and don't forget to breathe. Family and friends might want more of your time but won't actually tell you directly. You really don't have time to be a mind reader, too, this week. But you are a charmer, so I'm sure you'll handle the week just fine. Make sure to schedule in some time with your significant other by Sunday, when Venus lights up your relationships house.

Scorpio-Sun or Rising ~ Has everyone lost their mind and regressed back to the maturity of a two-year-old? Sometimes there's just no reasoning with people. They've decided long before the discussion ended. Let it go for now...and try not to pull your hair out. By Thursday, Mercury makes a lovely alignment with your ruler, Pluto. Broach the subject again then. Your luck might be better. The weekend brings a happy meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your house of love. Celebrate with your loved one. If single, celebrate with your friends and keep an eye out for Mr./Ms. Right (Now).

Sagittarius-Sun or Rising ~ Between work and family, the week gets tiresome very early on. Cheer up, though, the weekend brings Venus' entrance to your house of love. So get obligations taken care of and look forward to spending the weekend re-igniting romance back into your life. A little weekend getaway might also be nice, weather/wallet/schedule permitting. If single, be like Venus in Aries and flirt boldly, confidently with whomever catches your eye.

Capricorn-Sun or Rising ~ Have you changed your mind about something? It's ok if you do. Some things have played out differently than what's been expected. It's natural to amend set rules or planned actions to meet current specifications. If there is doubt, however, consider waiting until Thursday when Mercury and Pluto get together, when the energy for focus and the ability to analyze the situation is stronger. The weekend brings Venus home to your house of family. Make time for loved ones.

Aquarius-Sun or Rising ~ If an income-building proposal lands on your desk or inbox, scrutinize it with a microscope. Venus (money) and Uranus' (unexpected) pairing up in your income house suggest it might be unconventional but worth a look. It might ultimately require a financial investment above what you're willing to commit to. Perhaps, look it over while Mercury (thinking) and Pluto (research) are in sync on Thursday. Mercury and Jupiter's union on Sunday brings optimism and more opportunities within your income house ... soon.

Pisces-Sun or Rising ~ Happy Birthday, March-born Pisceans! Are you ready to be a year older and much wiser? :) Mercury making a ruckus with Mars and Saturn early in the week might cause you to look at some things and make changes...perhaps this is health-related. Making a brand, new commitment to adopting healthier habits and giving up bad ones. Or maybe it's finally giving a friend the boot and slamming the door behind him/her. Whatever it may be, start the month off thinking about what you want and getting rid of what you don't want.

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