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LuvScopes Posted! ~ February 19 to 21, 2010

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For much of the weekend, it might be the Taurus-Moon that gives us grounding. How ironic. The dreamy Pisces-Sun (will) busily antagonizes Mars (aggression) and Saturn (reality), while also happily befriending Pluto (renewal). Unfortunately, this makes the weekend susceptible to disagreements or annoying passive aggression. The Moon's changeable moods are more stable in Taurus which may provide the need for reason and determination in an otherwise purely intuitively-driven weekend.Luckily, Neptune (insight) and Chiron (healing) remain close enough to still blend energies and help with finding resolutions to situations. Adjustment is key to the weekend. Adjust attitudes and point of view to reflect what is truly at the root of any situation, instead of what may be perceived as reality or truth.


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