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Neptune Retrograde ~ June 3 to November 9, 2011

Neptune and the Sun. Credit and copyright to Hive Studio via National Geographic

Neptune joins Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion. She'll station on June 3 at 12:27 a.m. PDT / 3:27 a.m. EDT and remain retrograde until November 9th. Neptune governs all that which is hidden and operates in the unseen world -- our subconscious, psychological self, dreams, imagination, and spirituality. She is often associated with confusion (lack of clarity), escapism (drugs/alcohol), creativity (music), transcendence, "oneness," and unconditional love.

Neptune, who came home to Pisces on April 4th, will now retrace her steps from zero degree of Pisces and back to 28 degrees of Aquarius. Neptune returns to Aquarius for the last time on August 4, 2011. Then next year, Neptune re-enters Pisces on February 4, 2012 to remain until 2024/2025.

While Neptune is retrograde, Chiron will also be retrograde from June 8 to November 10. Their energy together offers greater opportunity to give attention to our spiritual side, psychological self, imagination, and ideals; aspects of our selves that we may have neglected during the course of living our busy, daily lives. This is the time to get in touch with realities in the spiritual plane that are just as true and substantial as the realities we face in the physical world. Be wary of excessive escapism, especially with drugs, during this period, especially with Jupiter sextile Neptune also on June 8th. A fog of confusion is also common; don't fear it. Instead, embrace the abyss of the unknown. In surrendering, clarity will follow.

Those born between February 16 to 20 (+/- 2 days) or with personal planets/house angles at zero degree of mutable signs or between 29 and 28 degrees of fixed signs may be experience this Neptunian energy/fog more strongly than others.

How might Neptune's retrograde transit influence your life? Answering the following questions is a good place to start. Where does her current transit fall in your birth chart? Do you have natal planets or house angles within 29 and 28 degrees of fixed signs to zero degree to mutable signs?

Unsure if you have natal planets/house planets between zero degrees of Pisces (or mutable signs) and 28 degrees of Aquarius (or fixed signs)? Cast your own birth chart at for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required.

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Neptune and the Sun. Credit and copyright to Hive Studio via National Geographic.

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